Will Poulter to Play Pennywise in ‘It’ Remake?

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Will Poulter to Play Pennywise in ‘It’ Remake?

The 22-year-old English actor Will Poulter is considered to play the evil clown Pennywise in the upcoming movie “It,”’ based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. According to Variety, “It” will be directed by Fukunaga and the BAFTA Rising Star winner and Will Poulter will be playing the role of the evil monster.

The original story follows a group of outcast kids who took a summer break together to find and fight the monster that haunts their town. Poulter is very young, but sensing from his recent work, we are sure that he will be a badass clown.

In 1990, a mini television series was created that starred John Ritter and Tim Curry, who played the role of the clowns. And ever since then there was no voice for the film adaptation because of the huge length of the book which follows the characters for decades. It is only now that the director said that the final draft of the film will do pure justice with King’s famous horror story.

The role of Pennywise is indeed dark but those who have seen Poulter as the robber in New Regency’s ‘The Revenant’ featuring Leonardo DiCaprio say that Poulter is more than ready to play this role.

While few, who have read all the 890 pages of the book, think that a film adaption of the book is a big deal, one cannot understate the quality of people involved in this project. The director is famous for directing the first season of ‘True Detective’.

Stephen King himself has given green signal to the remake of the miniseries. Book fans are also excited that the remake is meant to bring out the ‘viciousness’ of the original because despite the popularity of the ABC miniseries, the miniseries definitely had the potential to be an ‘R’ rated movie if it ever became released from the boundaries of the television.

As a massive fan of the book, we are also excited at the new range of scenes that can be included in the movies given the ‘R’ rated intensity of the books. This will also give a second chance for filmmakers to remake the ‘climactic’ ending of the miniseries and allow for a deserving reinterpretation of the book’s villain.

Fukunaga’s search to find his Pennywise was reportedly long and hard and the unlikely edition of Will Poulter as the villain has made us undeniably intrigued that this unlikely sum of many unlikely parts can actually be crazy enough to work.

We can’t wait to see the star of ‘We are the Millers’ scaring off the kids of his own age.

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