Will Smith: Bad Boys Actor Drops Role In Disney’s Dumbo; Here Are The Reasons Why

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Will Smith: Bad Boys Actor Drops Role In Disney’s Dumbo; Here Are The Reasons Why
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Bad Boys actor Will Smith will reportedly play a role in Tim Burton’s Dumbo. However, the negotiations failed to satisfy the demands of the actor. Sadly, Smith eventually dropped the role. Smith’s salary and schedule were not agreed upon so the movie will look for another actor to do Smith’s role.

The delayed project has just started casting. It was initially scheduled for an April release but did not materialize. Will Smith’s schedule cannot accommodate the movie. The money offered to him is not enough to clear some of his scheduled commitments. The Suicide Squad actor’s Bad Boys 3 movie was also delayed. But, it was not caused by the Disney’s flying elephant according to Movie Web.

Ehren Kruger is in charge of the screenplay. He is the genius behind Transformers: Age of Extinction and The Brothers Grimm. When reports mentioned the name of Smith in the casting of Dumbo, there were speculations that he will be playing the CG version of the elephant. Just like in the highly-successful The Jungle Book, big actors come to portray its animals cast via motion capture. Smith wanted the father of the two children role who became Dumbo’s friends.

Tim Burton’s movie has no production start date yet as the new actor is still being scouted. Disney is still discreet about the plot. But it is speculated to follow the previous story as what story writers have been doing lately.

Bruton offered the role to Will Smith. His fans are expecting that this could be his vehicle to bounce back and redeem his career. However, the negotiations have stopped and it was not him who has taken the role. Hopefully, Bad Boys 3 will do well at the box office.

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Will Smith and Jada Pinket-Smith Helps To Have Diversity In Hollywood

Meanwhile, Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith established a foundation. They build the Will and Jada Smith Foundation in order to augment diversity in the film industry. Their foundation will support the Sundance Institutes’ two-year commitment to The Institute’s Screenwriters Intensive program. The initiative will “support the program and year-round work with diverse independent filmmakers and artists.”

The program is expected to reach new communities of storytellers from different regions and background. According to Deadline, his is a noble endeavor for the couple. The can help the whole movie industry. The under-represented will now be heard. Will Smith and his wife are giving back to the industry that helped them to be what they are now. They are two of the biggest stars in Hollywood today.

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