Is Will Smith Part Of The New ‘Men In Black’ Movie?

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Is Will Smith Part Of The New ‘Men In Black’ Movie?

According to Hollywood Reporter, Sony has started to work on the new “Men In Black” movie but shockingly this time, Will Smith may not be included in the project, as spokespersons Walker Parkes and Laurie MacDonald confirmed. Read on for more details about this shocking news.

While promoting the documentary “He Named Me Malala”, the duo expressed some unexpected information about the upcoming “MIB” movie. They did not divulge many details about the project but they reported that the team is planning to revive the franchise about aliens and agents and it will move forward without Will Smith.

“Most likely no” was the reply when the media asked whether the audience will witness Smith in the character of Agent J in this “Men In Black” movie. The speculations are triggering that the forthcoming film may not even see Tommy Lee Jones who was brilliant in all three previous movies.

Parkes reveals that the production house is proactive to finish the project and is almost half done with it. McDonald assures that Sony is advancing the plan to revive the franchise, yet not clearly indicating about the cast semblance but made it. MacDonald and Parkes didn’t even comment on whether Josh Brolin would return to join the cast.

In 2014, the leaked scandal “Sony Pictures Email” left a clue that Sony has stepped into the work on a MiB/21 Jump Street crossover film.

The pair who have been developing a “head-injury project” for HBO was reportedly in a project about concussions and professional football with Smith. But “The Pursuit of Happyness” star unintentionally thwarted the plans for the movie. Maybe this time they are taking an avenge by eliminating the former “Man” from the upcoming “MIB” movie.

The most recent “MIB 3” in 2012 smashed the global box office with more than $624 million. Now, the question is whether the movie will be able to mark the same outstanding box office collection without the burning chemistry of the leading “Men”. Their iconic portrayal has been one of the main draws of the franchise.

Fans are dying to see who will carry the memory-wiping baton and sunglasses after Smith.

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