Will Smith Talks ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Bad Boys 3’, World Tour Next Summer [WATCH]

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Will Smith Talks ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Bad Boys 3’, World Tour Next Summer [WATCH]
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Will Smith is a busy man. He might have been away for ten years making some of the biggest hits in Hollywood, the fresh prince is finally back with new music. And more Mike Lowry in  “Bad Boys III.” Read on for more details.

Will Smith was recently on an interview with Beats 1 Radio’s Zane Lowe, when he told us that there is “a very-very-very strong possibility you will be getting a new Bad Boys film within the next twelve to fifteen months.” Now “Bad Boys 3” is already on Sony’s schedule for August, along with a yet unnamed sequel (smart money is on  “Bad Boys 4”), but hearing the lead confirm it is certainly comforting. It is not known yet whether franchise director Michael Bay will return, but nobody except Bay can do on screen explosions fit for Bad Boys (via Comic Book)

Smith is going back to music, and promised his audience new tracks, apparently having written almost thirty of them in between filming for “Suicide Squad” as the lethally accurate ‘Deadshot.’ He also said that 2016 would bring the biggest outing of his career, a new world tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

In the same interview, Smith told us extensively what to expect from Jared Leto’s Joker in “Suicide Squad”, and does it sound wonderful:

“I have never actually met Jared Leto. We worked together for six months and we’ve never exchanged a word outside of ‘action’ and ‘cut. We’ve never said, hello. We’ve never said, good day. I’ve only ever spoken to him as Deadshot and him as The Joker. I literally have not met him yet … No, not a single word exchanged off camera. He was all in on The Joker.”

Smith also added that he would love to meet Leto sometime, because he had only ever met the Joker.

Suicide Squad is out in theaters on Aug 5, 2016.

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