Will Smith to Star in Shawn Levy’s ‘City That Sailed’

By admin | 4 years ago

He is ready to sail New York City across the Atlantic Ocean!

Will Smith has been officially announced to star in the 20th Century Fox adventure film “City That Sailed” which is being directed by Night at the Museum series director Shawn Levy.

Smith had been rumored to be interested in this project a few years ago, before he committed to Men in Black III. Now, when Smith’s company Overbrook Entertainment is actively developing City That Sailed again, they made sure that the deal goes through this time.

The film has a draft by Andrew Niccol, which is now being scripted by Audrey Wells. The story follows a New York street magician and his young daughter who becomes separated from her father and ends up in London. However, the most interesting part comes when the girl finds some magic candles to make her wishes come true. She magically causes island of Manhatta to split off from North America and sail across the Atlantic Ocean with her father.

The start date of the film has yet to be announced, however it is expected to begin production early next year together with Levy’s Night at the Museum 3, which is set for a Christmas 2014 release. Meanwhile, Smith will continue working on other projects that include, Focus and Selling Time.

Source: Deadline

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