Will Smith Wishes Jada Pinkett Smith Happy Birthday: Indicates Couple Still Going Strong

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Will Smith Wishes Jada Pinkett Smith Happy Birthday: Indicates Couple Still Going Strong
Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith impressed the love of his life with some basic math. It was Jada Pinkett Smith’s birthday on Friday and he pulled out his calculator to tell her how many times he had sent her his love.

Will Smith has been together with his wife for twenty short years and even though the couple doesn’t like to boast about it, they are still very much in love. They have been together since their early twenties and now their faces show the lines of two young kids. Their love is so strong that their friends just laugh off all the rumors about them seperating. It looks like the press is really eager to see them break, because the couple don’t seem to be moving towards seperation any time in the future.

So Mr. Smith did a little math for Mrs. Smith. They have been together for twenty years and he has sent her a birthday present every year. Every year but one, as it turns out. He was mad at her that year. He made some really hard calculations to come up with the number of candles he has seen her blow out. I am guessing that this involves calculating the summation of something or the other. And then he jogged his memory to find out how many times he had said the words “I love you” to her and put the elephants’ memory to shame. Love makes you do weird things sometimes.

The Facebook entry went out on Friday and looked something like this.

In another stunning mathematically correct move, Will Smith said that out of the 3.96 billion women out there, he just wants to be with the one he is with now.

Like every other year in the couples’ life so far, this year was filled with divorce rumors too. But friends of the couple never worry about the two breaking it off. Their friend, Alphonso Ribeiro, couldn’t help but laugh when asked about it.

ET and NY Daily News reported the news.

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Photo Source: Facebook / Will Smith

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