You Will Soon be Able to Purchase Movie Tickets via Twitter

By admin | 4 years ago

Social media platform Twitter has allowed many Hollywood stars and directors alike to promote themselves heavily on the web. The platform works both ways, with fans being able to closely follow their favorite celebrities and in most cases interact with them. Dwayne Johnson for one, actually is big on promoting his upcoming projects and answering fan questions regarding various topics.

The whole deal is cost effective but in the long run doesn’t really utilize the potential of social marketing. That may soon change though with Twitter partnering up with NBCUniversal and the Comcast cable company to hopefully provide a way to purchase movie tickets through Twitter.

Under the new partnership, Fandango will be able to sell tickets directly from the social media platform, making it easy for Twitter folks to catch the weekend flick. Details on the venture have yet to surface but Comcast’s chief business development officer Sam Schwartz believes this is going to be big.

“Fandango has become the primary way you buy you movie tickets, and we have heavy interest from movie studios in promoting themselves on Twitter,” Schwartz told TheWrap. “There’s no reason the ‘See It’ Button couldn’t end up next to one of their tweets.”

So how is this going to work? Say Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel are promoting their new upcoming movie which hits theaters around Christmas time. They can simply Tweet about tickets being available for pre-sale and anyone reading that can purchase the ticket right then and there without opening any other website or page for that matter.

This is going to make life a lot easier.

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