Will ‘Southern Charm’ Season 3 Be Renewed?; Kathryn Dennis’ Tweet Calling It Quits With Thomas Ravenel Confuses

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Will ‘Southern Charm’ Season 3 Be Renewed?; Kathryn Dennis’ Tweet Calling It Quits With Thomas Ravenel Confuses
Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel in ‘Southern Charm’

More than a week back, there was a rumor on cancellation of “Southern Charm” based on a Facebook post left by the 52-year old politician Thomas Ravenel. He posted just after a report revealed that the show’s rating was going down. He said that he would no longer be acting in “Southern Charm” Season 3. Now there is a rumor based on Kathryn Dennis’ tweet that she has split with Ravanel. Will their ongoing drama be featured on “Southern Charm” season 3?

“What is A Queen Without Her King? A Queen,” Dennis tweeted on Tuesday.

The fans and followers of “Southern Charm” are assuming that Dennis had tried to convey the message of her separation by addressing herself a “queen.” Through her tweet, it seems she is at an advantage without Ravenel and bold to move ahead with her life.

The previous “Southern Charm” season 2 ended with full of drama where we saw Dennis running after Ravenel to stop his way from leaving the family behind. This happened when Ravenel told Dennis that he did not want to continue the relationship with her anymore and he walked away. The viewer must have given a thought that Dennis really required his companion for her and the family.

We had also seen both of them were projecting rockets of accusations at each other. Dennis had put more light on Ravenel’s unsupportive nature, which also included his relaxed bend of mind toward child support. Oppositely, he was also accused of cheating her by becoming close to a lesbian. In return, Ravenel started accusing Dennis of being intimate with the lesbian too.

According to Bustle, Dennis and Ravenel’s drama actually helped boost the show’s ratings. However, just after Ravenel’s facebook confirmation of not returning to Bravo for a third season of “Southern Charm,” he was noticed even dissing Bravo for lying to him about the show and providing the network a confidence to sue him over his allegations.

“They’ve lied to me so many times but the last lie was just pathological. Had they just told me the truth I would’ve stayed on,” Ravenel wrote in the comment section of his own post.

“I actually hope they sue me. One of my hobbies is getting some evil person or corporation to sue me, and when I counter-sue I never lose. Caution: never try this with the federal government. That would be like a peasant going against the old USSR during the Stalin Regime,” he added.

Bravo is yet to officially renew “Southern Charm” for a third season. Do you think it should be renewed for season 3? Don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comment box below.

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