Will The Success Of Pacific Rim: 2 Define The Future For Hellboy: 3?

By Anwesha Bose | 2 years ago
Will The Success Of Pacific Rim: 2 Define The Future For Hellboy: 3?
“Hellboy: 3” A Possibility

Guillermo del Toro’s directorial effort “Pacific Rim 2” is all set to be launched. Rumours has it that the success of this film will determine Del Toro’s next big budget flick, a sequel to the “Hellboy” franchise “Hellboy 3”. Read on to know more.

The film maker with his gothic romance / horror thriller “Crimson Peak” to set on the theatres just few weeks before the production starts on Pacific Rim 2. It would be a sequel to his Japanese giant mechanical genre inspired “Pacific Rim” of 2013. The “Pacific Rim” movies were conceived in a way to make it into a huge franchise. “Pacific Rim” animated series and comic books are being developed along with the sequel of the film.

The film is due to start with its shoots in the fall 2015. Sources confirm that, in order to create such futuristic environment with the presence of enormous robots would need heavy production and post production work to be done. It has also been reaffirmed that the project would be launched four months prior to the scheduled date. The Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures have given their consent to the news. ScreenRant reported.

“Hellboy” has come up again as del Toro in the San Diego Comic Con has mentioned his desires to come up with a sequel to the heart warming tale.  The fans have welcomed back the saga of the long untold tale. The sudden halt in the series of “Hellboy” had somehow capped the storyline but the interest of the “Hellboy” fans continues to be unfathomable. Sources reports that Del Toro and Ron Perlman wants to finish their trilogy but is unable to do so due to lack of funds. All we can say about “Hellboy: 3” is that Guillermo del Toro definitely has planned the plot in his head, however none seem to give a push to the project atleast any time soon. VentureCapitalPost reported.

As a die hard “Hellboy” fan we can only hope that the sequel runs the theatre as soon as possible, and not be dumped into the cold storage.

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