‘Digimon Adventure Tri’ Features Tai and Agumon Reunion; Release Date Set To November

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
‘Digimon Adventure Tri’ Features Tai and Agumon Reunion; Release Date Set To November
Digimon Adventure Tri

It looks like “Digimon” fans will have to wait a little longer for desires of a full length anime series to materialize. Several reports confirmed that the “Digimon Adventure Tri” movie will be put on hold as the producers are focusing on short animated films as of the moment.

Full length movie or not, fans would no longer wait before the digi-eggs would finally hatch. Rumors about the upcoming “Digimon Adventure Tri” were released saying the first episode will be released in November 2015. A plot was also sent out saying the first episode would involve Tai and Agumon, reported KpopStarz.

However, after the official title release of “Digimon Adventure Tri” went public saying it would be named “Reunion”, fans are not so sure if the previous rumored plot would still be happening.

The report from KpopStarz went on saying that the rumor about Tai and Agumon began on Reddit. This was after a translated Japanese forum surfaced telling about the said storyline.

A user identified G-santos wrote that a mysterious Digimon came out before Tai. This was after the Digimon became a high school student and took Tai’s Digivice. In return, Tai became perplexed after Agumon was lost. The user also commented, “The adventure once again evolves.”

Meanwhile, we think that the title, “Reunion” for the “Digimon Adventure Tri” could actually support the reunion of Tai and Agumon. The latest trailer which accompanied the announced date for release showed Tai in his high school age with Agumon. This led us to speculate that the latest visual suggested that the movie would evolve between Tie and Agumon instead of a reunion from the entire digi-destined.

However, we do think that the longer format of the short anime film could possibly refer to the “Reunion” of all individual digimon and their human friends. “Digimon Adventure Tri” would run shorter compared to the expected half hour anime episode.

Currently, Netflix streams the anime both in English dub and Japanese. The movie has been slated for release in November 21 this year.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Digimon Adventure Tri

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