Will Travis Scott Leave Rihanna Like Chris Brown Did?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Will Travis Scott Leave Rihanna Like Chris Brown Did?
Travis Scott and Rihanna

A few days go, we had learnt that the singer and actress Rihanna had hotter sex with her beau Travis Scott in comparison to her former beau Chris Brown. Scott and Rihanna were reported to be uncontrollable when the matter was about sex. But now the 27-year old Barbadian singer is worried that her heart would surely break if the bad boy rapper Scott follows the same track of Brown. Continue reading to know what actually Rihanna thinks about her relationship.

The “FourFiveSeconds” album singer Rihanna is extremely concerned about her future with 23-year old Scott. She thinks that she will be left heartbroken if the “Days Before Rodeo” mixtape creator and rapper Scott leaves her just like her ex boyfriend Brown. But when Travis started dating Rihanna, he felt that he won a lottery and so far there is no report of any conflict between them.

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“So far everything with Travis is good. She wants his personality and ambition to be just as good as his passion is in the long run,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

The insider also said that Rihanna’s experience with the 26-year old “Kiss Kiss” singer Brown was not new and she had been disappointed so many times in her life. Hence, her mind presumed that the “wheels on the roaster coaster” she was having could eventually come to a stop.

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According to International Business Times UK, the rumor is still there that Scott and Rihanna got romantically involved after they were spotted coming close to each other on September 10 at the New York Fashion Week’s after party that took place in the New York City. The media personalities, celebrities and other guests all noticed both of them dancing together and kissing.

However, another rumor has surfaced that Rihanna wants her ex Brown’s blessing or approval before going on to form a strong bond with Scott as Brown is apparently still a very “special person” in her life.

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