Will ‘Vikings’ Season 4 Be Saying Goodbye To King Ragnar?

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Will ‘Vikings’ Season 4 Be Saying Goodbye To King Ragnar?
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The premiere of the fourth season of “Vikings” may still be in a limbo, but King Ragnar Lothbrok’s number has already come up twice in the news department for the historical drama series.

Lothbrok, who is a Viking portrayed by actor Travis Fimmel, is facing a double-edged sword when “Vikings” return to the History channel. According to Cross Map, the warrior will initially be smitten by an outsider named Yidu who will be played by actress Dianne Doan. Lothbrok’s new significant other is of Oriental in origin, a case which will fascinate the descendant of Odin.

Another confirmed detail is that silent rivalry between the brothers Ragnar and Rollo will finally have shocking culmination as the latter will finally show his disloyalty. Fans will remember that at the end of the third season, an emperor had made a covenant with Rollo. It offered him land and the hand of his daughter in marriage in exchange for his allegiance to the Franks.

Showrunner Michael Hirst via The Hollywood Reporter earlier revealed that a “time jump” has been involved in the Season 4 story arc.

“Some time has passed. The journey home took a little longer than they supposed. It hasn’t been an easy run across to Paris or a straight run back. They’ll have been away for a couple of years, something like that,” Hirst said.

The other problem that the character of Ragnar will be facing in the next season deals with his mortality as cited by Realty Today. Hirst mentioned that the titular character will meet his demise due to health reasons.

He made it known that “It will be devastating for audiences to witness the death of a great character and the end of a magnificent role”.

Hirst praised Fimmel’s depiction of the legendary Norseman but rationalized that the time has come for his sons to carved their own name in “Vikings” history.

“Vikings” return to the small screen is set for 2016 but still has no exact premiere date yet.

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