Who Will Woo Sam Wood in The Bachelor finale?

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Who Will Woo Sam Wood in The Bachelor finale?

One of the most popular TV series “The Bachelor” is curving excitement among the audience as the final day is coming nearby. Bachelor Sam Wood, a heartthrob, is all set to offer his final rose to any of the enigmatic participants.

With hundreds of its craziest supporters, the show never let a single spark of excitement to calm down.

Now, as the countdown begins for the final day, numerous speculations are whirling around.

The competition among the top finalists Snezana Markoski, Lana Jeavons-Fellows, and Sarah Mackay is impressively firm. They have gained friends during the show and their individual popularity is something to wonder about.

Nina Rolleston, a former participant expresses her favour towards Snezana. News.com.au hears her to say “Snezana is the most beautiful soul.” Snezana, who hails from Perth, has a daughter, Eve with whom she shares a really adorable and innocent bonding. According to Nina she possesses a true sense of fidelity that can nourish a relationship in a beautiful way. In this show Snezana exhibits her persona as a blending of beauty and brains.

On the other hand of all of the girls to come through the Bachelor doors, Lana seemed to be the beautiful, fun, really sweet girl for the former contestant Maltman. She wants  Jeavons-Fellowsto win for her great attitude and intelligence that will definitely pursue Sam’s decision for her, according to Maltman.

Ebru Dallikavak another participant, who had to bid goodbye, is hopeful for the win of Sarah Mackay. She thought Sam will be most compatible with Sarah. Wood and Mackay share similar goals and family values. She explained, “They have a lot of similar qualities plus their family traits and upbringings are similar as well. I think they just go hand in hand.”

The show Bachelor is aired on Channel 10, on Wednesday and Thursday, at 7.30pm.

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