Who Wins Best Man Of Steel Title – Superman Tyler Hoechlin Or Superman Henry Cavill?

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Who Wins Best Man Of Steel Title – Superman Tyler Hoechlin Or Superman Henry Cavill?

Man of Steel is a superhero who has had many incarnations on TV and in the movies. The most recent one being DCEU’s Henry Cavill who has played Superman in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice & in the upcoming Justice League.

The other incarnation of the superhero is Tyler Hoechlin’s who has played the role in Supergirl. Though earlier there were some comments about Tyler’s Superman, his performance in the role was so good that he is now being called the better Superman. Keeping this in mind, here are reasons why he is actually the better version.


The thing about Tyler’s version of Superman is that he has the classic old quality of Superman. As Clark Kent, he is a delight to watch and he can be equally deadly as Superman. The whole approach with his character has been really light-hearted making him a treat to watch.

Henry on the other side lives in a very dark atmosphere. As seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he hardly has any supporters and was often labeled an alien who is also a threat. Hopefully Justice League will improve that image of his especially after what he did.


Tyler’s version had Supergirl to share screen-space with so given this fact, his maturity must come from there. In one of the episodes, Supergirl was seen teasing him about taking all the credit. Being the good guy that he is, he didn’t mind and was in fact quite supportive. Also while giving advice, he gave them like a true older brother even though they are cousins.

Henry on the other hand has not had that opportunity yet especially since he has been dodging people’s vicious remarks and fellow superhero’s wrath; but if his storyline is extended in the DCEU, chances are he will get to step up to as a mentor to one of the other Super characters.

Simple yet convincing

In Supergirl, Superman fought Metallo while keeping things very light and simple. It could have been a dangerous situation for him but the way Tyler’s version handled it, all of it looked very easy to watch.

Henry on the other hand has snapped General Zod’s neck, been almost killed by Batman and stabbed by Doomsday, which sometimes is not the most pleasant thing to see on-screen.


Finally Henry’s image as Superman is more of a God-like figure who no one can touch or defeat. Tyler’s version on the other hand reminds fans of the good old Superman who would inspire people and make them want to be like him.

Collider reported that Tyler Hoechlin’s version of Superman could be the best Superman since Christopher Reeve’s version. According to the outlet, as soon as Tyler made his debut as Superman, it was pretty certain, he was the Clark Kent/Superman fans would love to see.

Henry’s next outing as Superman will be in next year’s Justice League.

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