“The Witch:” The Year’s Scariest Horror Movie To Make Your Blood Run Cold (Watch The Trailer)

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
“The Witch:” The Year’s Scariest Horror Movie To Make Your Blood Run Cold (Watch The Trailer)

“The Witch” has been one of the standout movies in the Sundance Film Festival this year and director Robert Eggers is highly praised for his incredible directing. Since it debuted in the Sundance, the popularity of the movie has touched the acme by simple word of mouth. It is said that the movie is going to show you the scariest thing you have ever seen in your life. Don’t forget to watch “The Witch’s” first trailer after going through the news. Read on.

According to Cinema Blend, the recently launched trailer of the movie “The Witch” (subtitled “A New-England Folktale”) opens with a family of seven members (back to 1630) making a decision to abandon their old town. It was after being banished from the plantation and relocate to a forest. The head of the poor family, William (Ralph Ineson) lives in exile with his wife, Katherine (Kate Dickie) and five children. The forest where the family starts living is said to be controlled by the witches.

Within a few days, the influence of the witches overshadows on William and his family’s fate. The newborn in the family, named Samuel. She suddenly disappears from the farm while William and Katherine’s daughter, Thomasine (Anya Taylor-Joy) was playing and looking after him. The second misfortune is the shedding of blood from the animal’s breast instead of milk in charge of Thomasine that proves high influence of the witches.

As the idea of witches was highly prevalent in the 17th century, the family puts the blame on young Thomasine mainly for all the unexpected happenings revolving around her. Despite her innocent rejection, the family accuses her of witchcraft.

The synopsis for the 2016 movie “The Witch” reads as follows:

“In the 17th century, a Puritan family lives alone on the edge of a New England wilderness. Soon their infant son disappears, their daughter is suspected of witchcraft, and the family begins to break down in the face of an unknown evil.”

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