Witches of East End Season 2 Recap: Boogie Knights

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Witches of East End Season 2 Recap: Boogie Knights
The british actress Julia Ormond. Wikimedia Commons/Cannonseat/ Luferom

Witches of East End” returns after a one-episode hiatus. In Season 2 Episode 5 “Boogie Knights” (air date: Aug. 10, 2014), Freya’s past that has something to do with Killian and Dash did magic that he wasn’t supposed to do. Read on for the full recap.

Still mourning to Victor’s death, Joanna started a ceremony in the woods in order to set his spirit free. She then sensed the presence of someone dangerous. Fortunately, the mysterious entity didn’t attack her, but her curiosity got the best of her. She  learned that it as one of the most- feared forest beasts from Asguard.

Frederick told Joanna that his grandfather trained such beasts to include in his very own army. Frederick thinks that the beast was placed in the forest to go after Frederick. However, Wendy, the apprehensive one when it comes to the real motives of Frederick did not totally buy his story. As for Joanna, she is determined to end the beast’s life.

Freya wanted to bring the past so she brewed a potion for it. This was her way to cope with the death of her father as well as with the whole thing about the new couple Killian and Eva. She relived her past memories of Killian to escape the reality.

Ingrid went to Dash to have her usual check up when she noticed that Dash’s hands have turned black. She later on found out that Dash saved a cancer patient who was dying with the use of his magic. However, it wasn’t that easy because there is a consequence for the magic that has been done. Apparently, what Dash did was “remove death”, a kind of spell that when done, the death goes to someone else but this time around, death was coming for Dash.  Ingrid and the others must find a solution in time or else, Dash will be dead.

Going back to Freya who was busy reliving her past, she realized that it was that both Killian and Dash reborn for a reason. Killian kept on being reborn for her, but Dash was the reason why she and Killian seem to always grow apart. As she dives deeper into her past, she realized that she and Killian were destined to be star-crossed lovers. It only meant that they will not really end up together. It was hard for Freya to accept this but this, also had a good side because now she knows that there’s no point holding onto a man who’s never going to be hers.

Meanwhile, Joanna was set to kill the beast in the forest and she came up with an idea, she got in touch with an old friend to help her. Alex told her that in order to kill the beast, they have to find  its companion. It is from feeding on their mates that they have the ability to sustain their energy. When the do this, they are now bonded  in life and death. However, the problem was not finding a mate at all but realizing who the beast’s mate was and we all know that it’s Ingrid.

Ingrid oblivious to the fact that Joanna, Alex and Wendy were looking for her as she was the beast’s mate, she was helping Dash solve his problem. She told him that he should give back death to the boy that he saved, but Dash couldn’t find it within him. He used the death on a criminal who wasn’t worthy to live anymore due to his crimes.

However, he told Ingrid that he gave death to the boy and Ingrid believed him because she was still sleepwalking. She even asked Dash to watch her sleep and monitor her. All along they thought that the real problem was sleepwalking, as simple as that, however, things changed when Ingrid woke up, screaming and bleeding.

Joanna later on realized that it was her daughter, Ingrid, who was the beast’s made and she hurriedly told Alex to stop. However, the beast took over Ingrid’s sanity and she attacked Dash and she went away with the beast.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Cannonseat/ Luferom

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