Witches of East End Recap: When a Mandragora Loves a Woman

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Witches of East End Recap: When a Mandragora Loves a Woman
The british actress Julia Ormond. Wikimedia Commons/Cannonseat/ Luferom

Witches of East End” Season 2 Episode 6 “When a Mandragora Loves a Woman” aired on Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime. Now that the Mandragora has left the forest and now with Ingrid, things got even more dangerous and they need to save Ingrid fast. Read on for the full recap.

Ingrid is being influenced by the Mandragora and Hudson found her in the library where the Mandragora lurking behind Ingrid attacked him. At the Beauchamps, clock is ticking and they need to save Ingrid and kill the Mandragora. Wendy, along with Joanna and Alex were concocting a potion that will save Ingrid’s life.

Killian discovered his new-found ability to read minds. And after being outside for a while, he decided to go home because he found this new power of his overwhelming after hearing a wave of thoughts from random people.

Meanwhile, Freya discovered that they must put it through the brain, which means that they need to have the Mandragora powerless and as much as possible unconscious to administer it and to break the connection between it and Ingrid. They realized that this is going to be difficult to do so they moved on to plan B: Freya wanted to find Archibald Browning’s grimoire because there must be a spell there that can break the connection between Ingrid and the Mandragora. They all agreed but just when they were about to walk out the door, Joanna told Wendy to stay. For precautionary measures, she gave her two vials for usage.

They found Hudson all bloody inside the library. Joanna ordered him to be taken home and they found Ingrid unconscious, which was a good thing because they were able to administer the potion to her and she was sent home, too. Just in time, the Mandragora came for them and they got into some action.

Meanwhile, Frederick tried to heal Hudson through his magic but Wendy; the skeptical one when it comes to Frederick’s intentions said that it wasn’t helping. In the end, Wendy wanted to keep the distance between Frederick and Hudson.

Meanwhile, Eva got home to Killian and they were reminiscing about some stuff when Killian realized that she couldn’t hear her thoughts. She asked her about this but Eva did not answer and opted to distract Killian. She kept on giving him drinks, too.

Ingrid woke up and all the memories came flooding in, she started to remember everything and when she finally got a hold of herself, she stood up to find Hudson to apologize. Freya was looking for the grimoire at Dash’s place but Dash had no intention on helping the Beauchamps.

He even accused Freya of having an affair with Killian while were still together. Freya brushed him off because she was too busy looking for the grimoire. However, Dash wasn’t ready to let it go easily and she gave Freya a hard time by insisting that she slept with Killian and throwing her around.

He cornered her wand he poked her with a fireplace poker still talking but one poke made Freya shatter. The real one tricked him with an injection. When he was in his normal self, he’s ready to help Ingrid.

Joanna and Alex were able to talk about their history while at home, Wendy and the other were making the potion that can break the connection between the Mandragora and Ingrid and they have also found the grimoire. Ingrid should be just in her underwear covered in oil to be set on fire.

Later, Wendy went out to look for the Mandragora because Ingrid has sensed its presence in the house. She found it and she got attacked but Frederick saved her and he was able to kill the Mandragora. Freya then said sorry to Frederick for how she’s treated him after the death of Victor while he got showered with so much affection from her mother, Joanna. Joanna and Alex also made amends after their conversation in the library. Frederick had another seizure and during it, he apologized to his grandfather for letting him down and he promised that he’d make another way. Uh-oh.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Cannonseat/ Luferom


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