‘Witches of East End’ Cancelled

By Camille Rivera | 4 years ago
‘Witches of East End’ Cancelled
Jenna Dewan at the 71st Annual Peabody Awards Luncheon 2012.

Anchor“Witches of East End” (WEE) a supernatural TV series on Lifetime, has been cancelled after two seasons. Though the first season premiered to 1.67 million viewers, the second season debuted to 1.13 million. The Season 2 finale only attracted 1.3 million viewers despite the numerous cliffhangers throughout the series. The show starred Julia Ormond, Madchen Amick, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Rachel Boston.

“WEE” started airing in 2013. The second season ended in October of this year. The show is based on a young adult novel series of the same name, which were all authored by Melissa de la Cruz. It revolves around the Beauchamps — a mother raising two daughters who are to become the next generation of witches in the family. The mother is an immortal who is cursed to keep giving birth to the same two daughters, only to watch them get destroyed by witchcraft.

Todd VanDerwerff gave the show's pilot a C- on AV Club. “‘Witches Of East End’ has the curious distinction of feeling at once underpopulated and way, way too busy,” he wrote. “It’s less like chapter one of a satisfying novel and more like somebody took that novel, chopped it into pieces and then reassembled them at random.”

In a review for Variety, Geoff Berkshire compared the show to “Charmed,” a long-running show about a family of witches for its “light humor and heavy romance.” In his esteem, the show “plays it right down the middle — it’s not exactly good, but not terrible either.”

Fans of the show turned to Twitter to express their disappointment with the network.


Other shows that have been cancelled this season include ABC's “Manhattan Love Story,” which got axed after just four episodes, as well as NBC's “Bad Judge” and “A to Z.”

Lifetime has a roster of upcoming TV shows, including “Omen,” “Damian” and the third season of “Devious Maids.”

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