Witches of East End Recap: A Moveable Beast

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Witches of East End Recap: A Moveable Beast
The british actress Julia Ormond. Wikimedia Commons/Cannonseat/ Luferom

“Witches of East End” Season 2 is back. It aired on Sunday, July 6, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on Lifetime. No need to worry if you missed it because we have the full recap for you. Read further for the “Witches of East End” Season 2 Episode 1 “A Moveable Beast” recap.

There was a shadowy figure running in the woods, and it was being followed by a black cat, Wendy. This figure looked like it came from the Asgard portal. Then we saw Freya casting a spell, and there was Joanna who was naked and was apparently tied to the bed with Victor (Joel Gretsch). Beside the bed was a pair of scissors, a knife and other stuff. Victor asked Joanna if she trusts him, and Joanna nodded. Victor then took off his belt and used this to bind Joanna’s arm, and then he took the knife and sliced into Joanna as she writhed and screamed in pain.

Victor was putting leeches into Joanna’s skin where he cut her. We found out that Victor did this to heal her because she was poisoned, and this was the only treatment to help her stay alive. Freya was worried over Killian, while Wendy was reeling over the fact that he finally saw the shadowy figure in the woods. Although she didn’t see him that clearly, and she was quite sure that he was from Asgard, and she wanted to know who he was before they shut down the portal.

Meanwhile, Dash was at his home trying to move objects by simply flinging his hands. Killian showed up, but he wasn’t really there. It was only Dash’s conscience because he thinks he killed him. Surprised by the appearance of Killian, he screamed. Because of his magic, he was able to start a fire.

The Beauchamp women were drinking the potion that Freya made, and they were talking about taking Wendy’s advice and Ingrid’s. The three of them saw a shadow came through the portal after the potion, and Ingrid then realized that Mike was burnt, which Wendy thought that Mike deserved.

In the hospital, Dash encountered a patient who was talking about seeing a shadow in the woods. On the patient’s chest was a symbol that he seemed to know. Freya was still worried over Killian, and she got a vision where she saw him bloody. Because of this, it seemed like Dash had become a distant memory for her because she was so consumed with thoughts of Killian. Freya then called Wendy up, panicky, due to what she saw. Wendy was sure that what Freya saw was a warning, and she would take a look at the cards when she got back.

Dash was still seeing Killian in his mind, so he got himself an MRI. Before that, Killian showed up in his mind again and told him that he’s wasting his time.

The Beauchamp ladies prepared a dinner at their garden when Victor told Freya that Joanna might have seizures and that was normal in her condition. However, the poison in Joanna’s system was getting worse, and it was affecting her brain. If they don’t find a cure soon, it would be hard for Victor to keep her alive. Victor thought that the best cure would be to get a certain plant that only grows in the Amazon, so he went off to get it, but this left Wendy wondering whether Joanna would survive.

We also saw an eye candy for the ladies casting a spell in the woods, and we know for sure that he’s Frederick Beauchamp (Christian Cooke).

Back at the hospital, Dash’s patient woke up and told him that a lot of people would die, and he was leaving a warning and even told Dash that he knew what he was. Wendy finally saw that Killian was badly wounded. His boat was destroyed, and he’s taking money from the people. However, a spirit animal, an owl, was protecting him.

Dash got his MRI results back and found out that his brain was just like Ingrid’s. Meanwhile, Joanna wanted to let go already. She was sharing her keepsakes with Wendy to give to Freya and Ingrid. However, Wendy was not ready to lose her. Frederick came to their house and healed his mother. The symbol that Dash saw on his patient’s chest also appeared on Frederick’s chest.

Someone sent an email to Dash with an attached video of what happened to Killian on the boat, while Freya was now aware of Dash’s powers and told Wendy about this. Wendy suggested that they should figure out how much Dash knows, and they’d take it from there.

We saw Ingrid in the woods again with a man who looked like a snake, and it looked like he was Ingrid’s lover. Now we have found out who was the man running in the woods, and for sure, we are going to know more about him when Victor returns from the Amazon.

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