Wolf Hall Recap: Anna Regina

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Wolf Hall Recap: Anna Regina

Wolf Hall” Season 1 Episode 3 “Anna Regina” aired on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC Two. By changing the law, King Henry VIII is finally able to marry his mistress Anne Boleyn. Read on for the recap.

The third episode of the series takes place within two years, beginning 1531. Thomas More (Anton Lesser), then Lord Chancellor, is reading something in Latin, to a man who is being punished at the racks for intercepting letters meant for Tyndale. The scene is short and precise, as it quickly jumps to Cromwell (Mark Rylance) who’s seeking an audience with Queen Catherine (Joanne Whalley) and her daughter Princess Mary (Hannah Steele).

He informs them of the bad news. The king has made a new bill that will make him the head of a new church. It will allow him to marry Anne Boleyn (Claire Foy). Thus, this makes Catherine the ex-wife. They discuss the matter of Catherine and Mary’s transfer to another house.

Back in his own house, Cromwell learns of news about this holy woman who has prophesied that King Henry VIII’s reign will be cut short if he proceeds with marrying Lady Anne. The next day, he’s at the courtyard with Mary Boleyn (Charity Wakefield) and her sister Anne. They casually talk about the prophecy rumors. Mary, who remains smitten by Cromwell, defends her sister.

Cromwell, whom Mary regards as the one who writes the laws for the king, has been going around the kingdom carrying the bill that the king is trying to get signed. But when More refuses to affix his signature, the courts decide by way of a vote in the presence of everyone.

The king gets the votes he needed. Unfortunately, it causes a debate between Cromwell and Stephen Gardiner (Mark Gatiss), who have never been eye to eye on issues. More, on the other hand, has resigned from his position as chancellor, which made Lady Anne very happy. She starts to trust Cromwell’s loyalty more and more.

Cromwell speaks to Mary to ask his sister to put in a good word for him to the king. He wants the King to know so that he could hold a “job,” one that will not be time-consuming nor of high pay. He’s already wealthy as it is. So, Anne calls on his help to fix a minor problem. Harry (Harry Lloyd), an old lover, has made claims that he’s still married to Anne, who insists that she remains a virgin. Thomas willingly takes care of the situation knowing that it was Harry who’s the reason for the death of his beloved master, the cardinal (in the episode “Eternally Beloved” air date: Jan. 29, 2015).

The matter with Harry shows Cromwell’s fierce and dark side. He threatens him that he knows how to make Harry’s life miserable if he pursues with making trouble for Lady Anne and his relationship with the king. Harry wisely chooses to drop the issue and be silent instead.

Meanwhile, Cromwell’s own affair with his sister-in-law has been cut short. It was after she told him that her mother already knows. She also realizes that Cromwell will only see her dead sister (his wife) in her. Then there’s Jane, lady in waiting to Anne, whom Cromwell fancies. He sends her a gift consisting of sewing patterns and becomes rather pleased to see that Jane is wearing something she calls the Cromwell sleeve.

Finally, the wedding takes place. Two, in fact. First, a private affair in Calais. It is where  King Henry VIII and Lady Anne finally consummated their relationship after years of waiting. The second one is in a public event at Westminster, which was attended by the constituents.

Cromwell convinces the king that they should also visit Canterbury as the people should be able to see their new queen. But Cromwell actually has an agenda, which is because he wants to meet the holy woman there. During a procession, she confronts King Henry VIII and Queen Anne. She threatens that their union is already in trouble. In private, Cromwell wanted to seek the woman’s help to speak with the deceased Cardinal Wolsey. He’s asked to come back after the holy woman consults with another priest.

Soon after, Queen Anne becomes pregnant with the king’s heir. And for everything that Cromwell has done, the king gifts him with the tapestry of Sheba, which is close to his heart.

And that’s the recap of ““Wolf Hall” Season 1 Episode 3 “Anna Regina” aired on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on BBC Two. On April 5, 2015, the series will begin running on PBS in the U.S.A.

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