Wolf Hall Recap: Entirely Beloved

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Wolf Hall Recap: Entirely Beloved

Wolf Hall” Season 1 Episode 2 “Entirely Beloved” premiered on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC Two. Thomas Cromwell inches closer to the King as his former master Wolsey’s power and health diminish. Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

Cardinal Wolsey (Jonathan Pryce), stripped off his title, rank, privilege and power, is being forced to move to the north by Anne Boleyn’s (Claire Foy) uncle. Thomas Cromwell (Mark Rylance), who remains the cardinal’s loyal ally, seeks the help of King Henry VIII (Damian Lewis) for reconsideration. The king turns him down, but on Cromwell’s next try, he gives him £1,000 pounds, saying that it’s all the king can do to make sure that Wolsey’s departure goes without any trouble.

Wolsey, old and desolate, feels insulted about being cast-off, but declares he still loves the king. Cromwell assures Wolsey that the king misses him, and he would have tried him for treason by now if he really wants him gone. Someday, the cardinal will once again be in the king’s favor, but for now, they will have to pack up and move to the north. Cromwell is staying to work it out with the king, who is slowly admiring him for sticking it out with his master.

The cardinal has one request from Cromwell before they depart for this tactical retreat: win Lady Anne’s confidence, as she has influence over with the king. It so happens that Lady Anne actually summons Cromwell to her castle.

While waiting for the lady, her sister Mary talks to Cromwell, warning her that Anne isn’t in a good mood today. Mary pours her heart to him over her problems with being Anne Boleyn’s sister. See, Mary was once the king’s mistress, until her sister swept the King Henry VIII off his feet. It is suggested that Mary and Cromwell are attracted to each other, but this relationship cannot happen. There are so many secrets in Cromwell’s personal life, including discreet relationship he is having with the sister of his deceased wife.

It’s time to meet Lady Anne. She wanted to show him something she found in her bed. It’s an illustration of King Henry VIII, Queen Catherine and Lady Anne with her head cut off. She wants Cromwell to find out who left it. She knows he can do the job after hearing about how Wolsey relied on him to uncover gossips with the common folk.

Meanwhile, from one of Anne’s subjects, Cromwell learns that when Wolsey reached some far off town in the north, the crowd cheered for him. Despite the accusations and indictment thrown at the cardinal, he remains popular with the people. Cromwell confirms this through his son, who tells him that he should’ve seen how the people flocked towards Wolsey. But Cromwell reasons that he needs to be in London and the cardinal needs to be far away as protection. He also tells his son that he senses the king likes him, and when he’s finally in his favor, he will work to put in a good word for Wolsey so that everything will be back to normal, with the cardinal reinstated.

The next day, Cromwell is with the king and his men. The royal is practicing his skills with the bow and arrow. The king gives Cromwell the chance to try the weapons himself, and he impresses King Henry VIII. They are fast becoming good friends, with the king sharing some things in confidence with Cromwell.

Later on, as Cromwell and Henry discuss matters, he makes a good suggestion about taxing monks and monasteries. The king invites Cromwell to sit down with his lawyers to discuss this. He’s fast becoming a very valuable asset to the king’s rule too.

That night, the king’s guards fetch Cromwell, who is thinking that perhaps he did or said something wrong earlier. But King Henry VIII only wants him to analyze his dream for him. He dreamt of his dead brother Arthur, who was king before him, which left Henry really worried. But Cromwell puts a positive spin to his interpretation of the king’s dream to appease and assure him. He’s indispensable to King Henry VIII now.

But what about his master Wolsey? Cromwell learns the bad news. Someone from Boleyn’s camp was offended by the cardinal’s popularity that they had him fetched back and charged for the crime of high treason. Only, he does not make it back as Wolsey dies on the route, whispering Cromwell’s name as his last word. This saddens Cromwell, and it brings him more pain him to see how the cardinal is being mocked in court following his death.

The episode ends with Cromwell being sworn to the majesty’s counsel. He’s finally made it, and he knows a lot of secrets about the Boleyns. Lady Anne better be careful.

And that’s the recap of “Wolf Hall” Season 1 Episode 2 “Entirely Beloved,” which aired Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC Two. In the United States, the show will begin airing by April 5, 2015.

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