Wolverine 3 gets Blade Runner 2 writer

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Wolverine 3 gets Blade Runner 2 writer

Michael Green is one of those Hollywood writers whose work has been widely acclaimed in the world of superhero movies like “Blade Runner”, “Green Lantern”. According to sources, Michael Green is all set to work with other writers for the next movie based out of the comic book character, Wolverine. Michael Green recently collaborated with Fox to revise Jack Paglen’s script for the next sequel of the Prometheus series directed by Scott. Michael Green has also written for the TV series “Smallville” and “Heroes,” apart from working on a draft of The Flash movie for Warner Bros. with Ezra Miller in the lead.

The next part in the X-Man world that only portray Wolverine as the main lead will be Hugh Jackman’s last film performing the mutant with adamantium-laced claws. James Mangold, who directed “The Wolverine” will reprise his role. However, Mangold was asked to direct Fox’s “The Deep Blue Goodbye,” starring Christian Bale. However, the film got delayed due to Bale’s injury. So, now Mangold is constantly focusing on the “Wolverine”.

The “Wolverine 3,” expected to go into production early next year will release on March 3, 2017. It’s a three year wait for the Wolverine fans, but if the previous films were good, then with Green in the team as a writer, we can expect a hell lot of thrill and drama in the movie.

The sequel penned by James is keeping the fans in mystery, though it has been reported earlier that the next part of “The Wolverine” will feature Logan and Professor X working together like a team and Logan may die as in the Marvel Comic Book. The name Wolverine speaks for itself and as we are all very sad that it would be Jackman’s last film as a Wolverine, but we sure are excited to see the claws coming out from Jackman’s hand for one last time.

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