‘The Wolverine 3’: Liev Schreiber Will Play Old Man Sabretooth Alongside Hugh Jackman’s Old Man Logan

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘The Wolverine 3’: Liev Schreiber Will Play Old Man Sabretooth Alongside Hugh Jackman’s Old Man Logan

“The Wolverine 3” is going to be the most violent Wolverine story yet and when Hugh Jackman himself says that the final installment in the Wolverine trilogy will serve as the perfect ending to it, fans are bound to be in for a treat. Victor Creed aka Sabretooth is one other character that shares a not so friendly relation with Wolverine but at the same time also makes a wonderful antagonist who can clash with out clawed hero at any time. Liev Schreiber who plays the role recently shared some updates about reprising the character in “The Wolverine 3.”

According to Cinema Blend, Liev was on the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” when he was asked about a comment that he left on one of Hugh’s photo. The comment itself was misconstrued for something else and the actor was kind enough to explain in what context was the comment written. There is this photo that shows Hugh beefing up for his last stint as the Wolverine and in the comment Liev asked him if he would have to do something like that.

Fans naturally thought Liev was referring to the required workout he will have to do for his role as Wolverine’s half brother Sabretooth. The actor clarified that the comment was regarding his real life since he himself is a middle-aged man and was wondering if he will have to workout that much to remain healthy like Hugh.

Once this topic came in discussion, Jimmy didn’t hold himself back and asked whether Liev will be reprising his role as Sabretooth or not. Being the easy to go guy that he is, Liev did not rule out the possibility and mentioned that the makers are probably planning to adapt Old Man Logan story, which happens to be one of the most popular Wolverine stories. If they were indeed adapting that story, he would love to play Old man Sabretooth in it.

Screen Rant added that since the Old Man Logan storyline has included many Marvel characters that Fox doesn’t have the rights to; Sabretooth could serve as the perfect villain in “The Wolverine 3.” Until now only Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are confirmed to reprise their respective roles in “The Wolverine 3,” which will release in 2017.

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