Wolverine: Marvel’s New Wolverine Is Revealed To Be James Hudson Jr.

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Wolverine: Marvel’s New Wolverine Is Revealed To Be James Hudson Jr.
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Wolverine is one of the most iconic Marvel characters. In the movies, he was part of the X-Men Cinematic universe for more than a decade but recently ended his journey with Logan.

While the movies might have ended Wolverine’s journey, comic books seem to continue his legacy. His son has officially taken his place in the new X-Men: Blue #1.

Until now, it was not known which son of Wolverine will be taking his place, but the latest update has revealed it.

New Wolverine

Screen Rant reported that the new Wolverine, who will be taking Logan’s place in the comic books, is James Hudson Jr. Much like his old man, he has the same abilities and will make a perfect replacement for the clawed mutant.

Marvel comics had kept his introduction a secret but following this revelation, he just might be as ferocious as the original one.


His origin story clearly tells just how similar he is to his father. According to it, he is the son of Wolverine/Magda. When he was small, Wolverine handed his son to one James Hudson since they had fought together in the Iraq War.

Wolverine wanted his son to stay safe, which is why he entrusted his responsibility to Hudson. Having his name changed from Howlett to Hudson, James started living a normal life.

It was when he was in an accident did he first start to witness that something was different about him. His skin started to regenerate but it was painful. Eventually, when Kitty came to him with a box did he find out who his real father was.

Inside the box was a holographic message from the original Wolverine to his son and instructions as to what he should do next. Kitty encouraged him to draw his claws out, which he did through his knuckles for the first time.


Being Wolverine’s son turned out to be an advantage for James Hudson Jr. However, he had one thing unique from his father. Apart from drawing bone claws out, he has the ability to form a metal casing around it.

Later on, he joined the hero side and started to discover a lot of things that he was simply not aware of.


The outlet reported that many characters including James Hudson Jr. from the Ultimate universe have splashed onto the main Marvel universe. Talking about his re-appearance, the outlet describes that in a snow-swept town, the police are seen looking for a wild animal.

This wild animal has been terrorizing the residents. However, it is revealed later that it is not just an animal but a Wendigo. In folklore, Wendigo is a cannibal evil monster that looks like a werewolf.

James Hudson Jr. is present there in a green hood sniffing the air when a cop shoots him. He, however, gets up immediately, asks the cop to run, and swiftly drawing his claws, charges toward the monster.

Reason for re-appearance

The outlet questioned that since the Ultimate universe got destroyed in Marvel’s Secret Wars event, it remains doubtful as to how characters from it wound up in the main Marvel universe.

An explanation by Marvel later stated that there were some characters that survived and somehow got mixed in the main Marvel continuity. But Hudson Jr. might have some problems according to the outlet. Since he will be without any memories, he might have some hard time explaining a couple of things.

Wolverine’s successor in XCU

With X-23 introduced in the XCU as the other clawed mutant, it remains to be seen how exactly will she carry Wolverine’s legacy forward. Also, it would be interesting to see if any of Wolverine’s other sons makes it to the cinematic universe or not.

X-Men: Blue #1 was released on April 12.


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