‘Wonder Woman:’ 5 Villains Who Could Bag The Role Of Main Antagonist In The Standalone Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Wonder Woman:’ 5 Villains Who Could Bag The Role Of Main Antagonist In The Standalone Movie

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will release in the next six months with massive speculations that continue to give it more mileage and publicity. “Suicide Squad” has wrapped filming and is currently in the editing process. Naturally, with the big lineup that DC Extended Universe has announced, “Wonder Woman” is the next target for it. Apart from the two leading stars of the movie, nothing much is known about it. One other important part of any movie is the villain. So, despite the fact that an antagonist has not been declared yet, It would still be interesting to at least estimate who could make a good one for this movie.

According to Cinema Blend, there are 5 villains who would be suitable as the lead antagonist in the movie. The villains basically range from deranged psychopaths to demigods. Now they might not be as famous as the ones The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel usually fight, but still they are pretty messed up in their own way. First of all is Doctor Psycho. This character was a medical student and hated women to the core. However, he did fall in love with a woman whom he forcefully married but also killed the man she loved.

Later in the Post-crisis era in the comics, Doctor Psycho turned from a hypnotist to a telepath. He would make a good contender. Second in consideration is First Born. The character was recently introduced in the New 52 comics and is the son of Zeus. He was destined to kill his own father Zeus and take over Olympus. But before the prophecy could prove to be true, he was exiled to Earth. It would be interesting to see both the Gods fighting each other in the movie.

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Third one is Circe who is a Goddess of Illusion. She is the one who can cast illusions and teleport. She once was the reason why Gods were fighting each other. Wonder Woman will need more than just her superpowers to defeat her.

Fourth is Ares, DC’s greatest warriors. He was born as the God of War and depicts everything negative or evil in a conflict. Apart from that he has proved himself dangerous with his manipulative plans. Quite honestly, it would be amazing to see him in the movie.

Finally Cheetah, she is the most known adversary Diana has fought. She wanted powers so that she could become the superior being, however, Diana, who already had powers, wanted to use them for something good. We have seen her in animated series and probably she has the best chance at making it to the silver screen as well.

Batman-News added that “Wonder Woman” will shoot this fall in London with Gal Gadot suiting up as the Amazonian Princess in November. It will definitely be a big expedition for Gal’s Wonder Woman and Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor as they get their own story to explore. Till the time one can wait for an official announcement to be made on the movie. “Wonder Woman” will release on 23rd 2017.

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