Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Explains Why the Upcoming DCEU Movie Is Not R-Rated

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Explains Why the Upcoming DCEU Movie Is Not R-Rated
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After the successes of Deadpool and Logan, the current trend for comic book movies seems to be to go to the R-rated route. However, Patty Jenkins kept her new movie kid-friendly. Below, the director explains why Wonder Woman has a PG-13 rating.

Introducing A Role Model and Why The Story of Diana Prince Need to be Told

Wonder Woman is the first superhero movie from DC to be headed by a female superhero. That is why Jenkins made sure that the movie will be kid-friendly, especially for young girls.

The director told Toronto Sun that while she appreciates what Deadpool was able to achieve, an R-rating is not something that she envisioned for the upcoming movie.

“I would never do that for this movie,” she stated. ” But in this case, I only ever would have gone in the other direction. I know what this movie could mean to little girls and I know that they are going to want to see it and so I want to protect them, so it’s a PG-13 movie.”

Jenkins also explained that she made sure that even the fight scenes are not too brutal for the younger audience. She previously stated that the action scenes in the movie are character-driven. “I went out of my way not to be graphic and protect those younger girls who are going to want to see the film,” she assured.

The Emmy-nominated filmmaker first pitched the movie to Warner Bros. ten years ago, but even then, she knew she wanted to tell the origin story of the superheroine. This is the first time that the comic book character will grace the big screen on her own. As Jenkins sees it, the lore of Diana Prince is a trove of stories just waiting to be explored.

However, she did change one thing: instead of the World War II like in the comics, the movie is set during the World War I. Jenkins personally think that the first World War was exciting particularly because not everyone is as familiar of the horrors of the important event in the history of mankind.

CGI vs Practical Effects

As for the action scenes, the director decided to use both computer-generated imagery and practical effects to make a “photo-real world.” She pointed out that Chris Nolan did the same thing in the Dark Knight series.

Jenkins explained that the movie was shot on location in England. Except for a green wall, she used real landscape to hold the battle scenes. So, instead of man-made elements, viewers will see real cold air blowing on the set and real mud beneath the actors’ feet.

Wonder Woman Goes To America

DC and Warner Bros. still has Justice League lined up for Gadot’s Diana Prince after her first solo appearance in June. The question is, will there be a Wonder Woman 2?

Early predictions claim that the female-fronted superhero movie will have the lowest opening numbers in DCEU. But Jenkins already has an idea where to bring the heroine on her next adventure on the big screen.

For one, she wants to see Diana end up in America (where she will eventually meet and join the Justice League). Jenkins also wants to explore her experience farther along into the future. “I can’t wait to spring forward with who she is and have another great standalone superhero film,” she added.

Wonder Woman will follow Diana, an Amazonian trained to become an unconquerable warrior. When a pilot washed ashore her isolated island of Themyscira, Diana goes out to man’s world convinced she can stop the war. the movie will land on the big screen on Jun 2.

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