Wonder Woman: Director Shares Five Things To Note Before You Watch The Film

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
Wonder Woman: Director Shares Five Things To Note Before You Watch The Film
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The most anticipated film of the year, Wonder Woman, is set to open in theaters on June 2, 2017. As the release date draws closer, the director has shared five interesting things about the film.

Patty Jenkins has directed Wonder Woman. This comic character made her debut on big screen in the movie Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Since then, fans have been excited to watch Gal Gadot reprise the role in her solo film.

It has been revealed earlier that this superhero film will show Diana Prince lying on the island of Themyscira. She is the Amazon princess, who is approached by Steve Trevor, an American pilot, to save the world from the ongoing World War I.

Diana Prince will be seen fighting with her powerful sword and magical gauntlets to attack the enemy. It will be interesting to watch how she does this with the help of Steve. Meanwhile, Ares is going to be the main anti-hero in this superhero film.

Director Patty Jenkins has shared some interesting details which fans need to know before they watch the film.

1. Find Out Who Has Cast Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman

Jenkins says that she did not get a chance to choose Gal Gadot. It was Zack Snyder who had cast her as the Wonder Woman, reports Empire. When Jenkins learned more about Gadot she was relieved and appreciates her for her charismatic personality.

According to Jenkins, “…when she smiles or when she meets somebody and shakes their hand. That is the embodiment of Wonder Woman.”

2. Details Of The Costume Of Wonder Woman

The costume of Wonder Woman has always given her character the looks of power and grace. Gadot looks stunning in that costume.

According to Jenkins, Wonder Woman’s costume makes perfect sense to her. She also adds, “Michael Wilkinson is an amazing costume designer,” as per the aforementioned source. When talking about the music and theme for the film, she says that they had to embrace it as a different thing.

This drops a hint that fans might get to listen to a new musical theme in Wonder Woman. This is mainly because this superhero film will focus on the entire growing years of Diana Prince.

3. Jenkins Talks About The Color Theme Of This Film

From the film’s trailers, one can see that the colors of the Wonder Woman film appear different. When the aforementioned source asked Jenkins, she revealed the reason behind it.

She says, “It’s an origin story, and it’s a classic film.” Therefore, they are not keeping the color palates of the modern time. For her, the protagonist herself is a very colorful character. This asks for the film to be made into a colorful one.

4. Wonder Woman Is A Film That Draws Hope

Most superhero films give fans the aspiration needed in life, and Wonder Woman film will also follow the same path. Set in the period where World War I breaks out, Diana Prince will strive to save humanity and people from getting killed.

Jenkins was asked how important is it for these characters to be aspirational yet remain human. To this,she replies, “…there’s always going to be a place for that.” She continues, “Even though I think there’s a place for all kinds of other dialogues, as well.”

Wonder Woman

5. Reason Why Ares Is A Villain In The Film

So far, in the trailers of Wonder Woman, the main villain has not been clearly revealed. It is learned that David Thewlis will play this super villain and is likely to pose a big threat to Wonder Woman, but there is a reason why Jenkins chose to keep him in the film as the villain.

She tells the aforementioned source that: “He’s the biggest villain of Wonder Woman’s World.” She continues, “I also think it was a great delight to place him in the world in a way where he believes in exactly what a real, true Ares does.”

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Photo Source: Facebook/Wonder Woman

Photo Source For Featured Image: Facebook/Wonder Woman

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