Wonder Woman Movie Draws Captain America Comparisons

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Wonder Woman Movie Draws Captain America Comparisons
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The world is finally ready for the Wonder Woman movie and, a month before it opens in cinemas worldwide, the adaptation directed by Patty Jenkins is already receiving positive reviews. After an early screening held by Warner Bros, reactions popped out of social media that not only praises the superhero mo e, but also compares it to Captain America: The First Avenger.

Born To Fight

The comparison comes from John Shaw, the President of Theater Management Associations, LLC. He was able to catch the screening held for exhibitors this week. In a tweet, the motion picture consultant discussed the box office potential of the new movie.

“Wonder Woman: exciting & entertaining in every way,” he stated. “Great SFX and characters. Here’s a summer blockbuster as good as Captain America ($370M).”

It is not surprising that some viewers will see similarities between the two superhero movies. For example, both heroes are superior warriors: Diana (Gal Gadot), a demi-god trained to become an unconquerable fighter, and Steve, an ordinary man who gained superhuman abilities thanks to a supersoldier serum. The movies are also set during a war and the titular characters are the only hope of humanity against powerful villains.

Critics predict that the female-fronted superhero movie will set the lowest box office opening for DC Extended Universe. But reviews have been (mostly) positive and, if it is indeed as good as Captain America: The First Avenger, then Wonder Woman has the capacity to save the cinematic universe. DCEU, while successful at the box office, has been notoriously churning rather disappointing superhero movies.

However, Comic Book Movie reported that another reaction from a viewer who caught the early screening was not as impressed. A review that has been doing the rounds online claimed that the Patty Jenkins-directed movie is even worse than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s Ultimate Cut. The tweet has since been deleted.

Right now, it is best to take the early reactions with a pinch of salt and wait until the Wonder Woman movie premieres in a few weeks before anyone makes a judgement.

Wonder Woman Finally Takes The Stage

Whether Wonder Woman will be the first good superhero movie from the current iteration of DCEU or will it go down the same disappointing path as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad remains to be seen. But this is the first superhero movie to star a female superhero. While Batman and Superman both already have a number of movies under their belts, this is Diana’s first solo outing in her own movie.

And it took her a long time before she saves the day on the big screen. Making the Wonder Woman movie took years; it has been in versions of development since 1996. But she is finally ready for her turn in the spotlight.

As Jenkins stated in an interview with SciFi Now (via Cinema Blend), the superhero movie genre is typically dominated by men. There was fear that they would not be interested in a female-fronted movie.

“For many years, I was asking the question you’re all asking: Why is no one making this movie,” the filmmaker explained. She pointed out that there is definitely a market for female superhero movies. In the US, a lot of people dress up as Wonder Woman every Halloween.

But the studio’s confidence to let a female superhero lead her own movie is something that she attributed to box offices successes like The Hunger Games. The popularity of the young adult – dystopian movie assured filmmakers that movies featuring strong female leads (and are not chick flicks) can find their audience, too.

The Wonder Woman movie will be available in theaters starting June 2. In the meantime, watch its newest TV spot below:

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