‘Wonder Woman’ Movie: Will Batman Have A Cameo In The Film?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago

Latest rumors about the new movie “Wonder Woman” claim that it will have a plot where Wonder Woman will be fighting arch villains Ares and Circe. It has also been revealed that Wonder Woman will likely find an ally in Batman who will give her a new invisible jet to fly in.

Comic book readers have probably read dozens of comic books about Wonder Woman fighting off Ares. It is rumored that Wonder Woman will likely fight Ares again and Ares will have sorceress Circe as his minion. The rumor mill is rife with rumors that Ares will try to start world war III and Wonder Woman will try to stop him.

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This plot sounds a lot like the plot from older comic books when Wonder Woman used to fight the Duke of Deception, but there is a twist in the plot. Wonder Woman will have Batman to help her stop the God of War. He will also provide her will advanced weaponry like an invisible plane.

The story arc suggested will also connect the movie with DC movie universe. It is rumored that Wonder Woman will be seen fighting off Superman in “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.” The popular rumors say that Batman would obviously need help to fight off some one with superhuman strength like Superman and Wonder Woman is well-equipped to do that.

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“Wonder Woman” will be directed by director Zack Snyder who will also be calling shots on the sets of “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.” It is rumored that “Wonder Woman” will be portrayed by actress, Gal Gadot.

Fans are spreading all sorts of rumors about both “Wonder Woman” and “Batman vs Superman.” We don’t really know if these rumors are true, but they do make an interesting read.

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