‘Wonder Woman’: Robin Wright Will Not Be Playing Nicole Kidman’s Role; Part Still Open

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘Wonder Woman’: Robin Wright Will Not Be Playing Nicole Kidman’s Role; Part Still Open

“Wonder Woman” fans may or may not be delighted to know that a series of tweets from Variety reporter Justin Kroll indicate Robin Wright not playing the part Nicole Kidman turned down.

It was recently reported that ever since Nicole Kidman turned down the offer to play a role in the movie (which was thought to be for the Amazon Queen Hippolyta), fans have expected Robin Wright to take her place. However, IGN states that according to the aforementioned tweets, this is not exactly the case. It turns out that Wright was actually scheduled to play a different role than the one Kidman was offered to play, leaving the role in question still open.

They add that the reason why Kidman couldn’t play the part was because of scheduling conflicts, with Kroll tweeting that Nicole’s dates “didn’t work out” (presumably with the filming schedules for the superhero movie). He also explained how Wright had already secured a deal even before Kidman was offered the role, making the assumption that Wright will take Kidman’s place rather unlikely.

This is an interesting issue, and it’s no wonder fans and followers are getting worked up about who will be getting the role, as Comic Book reminds us that Hippolyta plays a very vital part in the “Wonder Woman” lore: that being of the Amazon warrior Queen and at the same time being the mother of Diana Prince, the Wonder Woman, herself.

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While almost the full cast for the film has already been disclosed, the actor who will play the part of Hippolyta will likely remain a mystery for now. What we do know about the movie is that it is now in production, in London. Gal Gadot will take on the role of Diana Prince, and will also star Chris Pine, Danny Huston, and Robin Wright, among others.

“Wonder Woman” is expected to hit theaters on June 2017.

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