Wonder Woman Trailer: Fans Are Concerned About Diana’s Armpit Hair

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Wonder Woman Trailer: Fans Are Concerned About Diana’s Armpit Hair
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Wonder Woman will be releasing this year. With the movie telling the story of DC female superhero, there are many things that will be worth looking at. However there is one very intrinsic detail that has caught fans’ attention and it has rather become a point of discussion.

In a split second scene in the new trailer, Wonder Woman can be seen throwing a vehicle and her armpits are visible clearly. Looking at this fans have raised question about it being shaved.


While it is not that big of an observation to make, the discussion goes deeper as to why the superheroine’s armpits were shown like that. There is some point of view that fans are raising and it might only just keep the discussion going.

Point of view

According to Uproxx, one outlet points out it is hard to believe that Diana who has been raised on an island with other strong women her entire life has to worry about waxing and bleaching. The outlet also elaborates that since she stands for female strength and not worry about beauty standards, it would have been exciting to see her with some armpit hair.

While this might not be a point of concern for many, other users on social media agreed to this point of view and stated that Amazons might not be amongst the ones that worry about grooming.

Social media reactions

One user pointed out his wish of seeing the Amazonian warrior with some hair under her arms. Another one even expressed that since she comes from a place where there are no male standards of beauty, she would not care about having body hair.

Other controversies

This is not the first time the movie has found itself being criticized. Earlier the movie faced some backlash when the fictional character was named a UN ambassador.

The whole ruckus took place because the fictional character was taking the spot from a real woman. Then when she was dropped for being too sexualized, that ended up upsetting many and creating another weird situation.

The outlet also noted that comments about the character’s looks have been going on ever since Gal Gadot was cast in the role. Gal herself addressed one of the concerns that were raised in an interview and it was related to her breasts.

Ignoring all the online criticism she was getting, the focus was always on the portrayal of the character. With the movie releasing this year, it would be seen what kind of response the character garners from loyal DC fans.

Wonder Woman will release this year on June 2.


Photo source: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

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