Wonder Woman Trailer Teases Potential Three Storylines For Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince

By Disha Mashelkar | 1 year ago
Wonder Woman Trailer Teases Potential Three Storylines For Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince
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Wonder Woman trailer has been recently released. It teases three potential storylines for Diana Prince (Gal Gadot). Patty Jenkins directed film’s official trailer, also reveals Diana’s first meeting with American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

The most famous DC Comic character, Wonder Woman, is seen as a young girl in the film trailer. Her back story before she becomes a superhero has been teased in the new clip. Why she joins the forces with Steve to battle out the First World War and more information is also disclosed. Read to know more.

Young Diana Is Introduced To God’s Gift

Wonder Woman trailer begins with the Queen of Amazon, Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen). She shows up the island of Themyiscira to her daughter Diana Prince. She takes her to an area where several valuable God’s gifts’ given to the Amazons are stored.

Curious young Diana gets attracted to the huge sword kept in the area. She asks her mother, “Who will wield it?” To this Hippolyta replies that it can be wielded by the only one person who is fiercest among them. But she also demoralizes Diana by saying, “That is not you, Diana,” reports Slashfilm.

This scene drops a hint that Diana is being protected by her mother from being herself. Perhaps certain events in Diana’s life leads to discovering her superpower. With the help of which, she goes berserk, to protect people’s life.

Wonder Woman Trailer

Diana Undertakes Sword Training

A grown up Diana Prince, portrayed by Gal Gadot is seen in the next scene. She undertakes heavy sword fighting training. In the trailer, she is seen dueling with her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright).

Suddenly Diana loses the grip of her sword and lets her guard down. Her aunt barges onto her and reminds her not to ever let her guard down. Antiope continues slashing her sword at Diana and the latter tries to shield her until the moment she crosses her gauntlets.

This is the moment where Diana realizes the power of her gauntlets. A sudden shockwave is created and everyone at the field is left stunned including Diana.

Wonder Woman Trailer Teases War Happenings

The next scene in the trailer shows a washed ashore American pilot Steve Trevor. He meets Wonder Woman and reveals to her about the First World War crisis going on in the world. She realizes that it is her sacred duty to defend the world. And hence, goes to the God’s gifts area where the Sword of Athena is kept. She takes the sword and begins her mission along with Trevor to protect the world.

The trailer also shows lots of fighting scenes that promises Wonder Woman will be an action-packed filmed. It is set to hit the theaters on June 2, 2017.

Watch the clip here.


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Photo Source: Facebook/Wonder Woman
Photo Source For Featured Image: Facebook/Wonder Woman

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