Wonder Woman: Ways With Which The Gal Gadot Starrer Will Lead To Justice League

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Wonder Woman: Ways With Which The Gal Gadot Starrer Will Lead To Justice League
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Wonder Woman is nearing its release. The solo movie will tell the tale of Gal Gadot’s character before her introduction in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  

Her character will not only be seen in the solo movie but will also be a major part of Justice League. One question that has been asked many times is how the solo movie will lead to the ensemble. Given the character’s long history, the answer is somewhere in her role in the DCEU.

Present day scenario

When Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince was introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, she was shown as an art collector living in the current time in Paris.

The same present day scenario will prove to be a common platform to both her further journey in Justice League and to her past in Wonder Woman. Her work as an art collector in today’s time will highlight what she has been busy doing before deciding to join the team.

As far as her past is concerned, reports have mentioned that the picture she was looking for in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will finally reach her by a sender.

This WW I picture will take her and fans to the events of her solo movie before bringing her back to the present time and making her decide that she wants to help her new friend and sender of the picture, Bruce Wayne.

Link to Justice League

Wonder Woman itself will have a direct connection to Justice League. Once she receives the old picture from Wayne in her solo movie, she will contact him and will want to know more about his initiative.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wayne sought her help however she did not confirm that she would help him. But after having received the picture and reminisced about who she really is, she will realize that she has to do the right thing.

Reports have also hinted that Ben Affleck’s character will have a cameo, which will further establish a connection between the solo movie and ensemble.

Bruce and Diana’s deal

The trailer of Justice League showed Diana working with Bruce to seek out other metahumans. Reports have claimed that this event will happen right after she decides to help him in a present day scene in Wonder Woman.

This means the scenes in Wonder Woman and Justice League have been put together in a way that it will look like they take place right after each other.


Motherbox is the only object that links Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman and Justice League. In ancient times when the combined forces of Amazonians, Atlanteans and humans fought the forces of Apokolips, one motherbox was kept in custody of the Amazonians.

Since the same ancient war is reportedly the opening scene of Justice League, it means the motherbox in Amazon will have a role to play in the ensemble.

There could also be clues about the ancient war or the motherbox in the solo movie, which will link it to the ensemble.


Screen Rant reported that Diana’s birthplace Themyscira will also prove to be an important link between both the movies. According to the outlet, Wonder Woman will show her early life in Themyscira.

But the real question is once she leaves for the outer world, will Diana be able to return back? The final trailer shows Queen Hippolyta asking Diana to never come back if she steps out of Themyscira.

With she stepping out to do the right thing, it would depend on the events of Justice League if she is allowed back inside by her mother or not.

Plot and release date

Wonder Woman will tell the story of the first female superhero. With a Great war rising, it would be on Princess Diana to step up and save humanity from Ares, the God of War.

The Gal Gadot starrer is scheduled to release on June 2 this year.


Photo source: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

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