Wonder Woman’s Tone Change Was Not Because Of Criticism Faced By DCEU

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Wonder Woman’s Tone Change Was Not Because Of Criticism Faced By DCEU
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Wonder Woman shook things up for WB/DC and gave the studio its first genuine hit. While the movie continues to go strong at the box office, many are still busy believing that the movie owes its success to the criticism DCEU faced.

But now it is being clarified that DCEU’s criticism had nothing to do with the tone change that was seen in the movie.

Wonder Woman’s tone change

Screen Rant reported that claims that were made earlier about how the criticism of DCEU changed Wonder Woman’s tone are simply baseless. According to the outlet, the criticism that the cinematic universe faced has got nothing to do with how the film shaped out.

The movie was always supposed to be made the way it was and was to have elements of humor, action, emotion, and heroism mixed perfectly.

After the success of the movie, some claims began to state that DC had fixed what was wrong with its movies or they had taken the right direction now. It was actually director Patty Jenkins’ statement that brought some clarity to this issue.

Patty Jenkins’ statement

The outlet added director Jenkins’ statement to further explain how the movie’s tone change came to be. According to the director, her vision for Wonder Woman shaped up about a decade back.

She always wanted to make this female superhero movie and had also pitched the origin story to WB/DC ten years back. In her pitch to the studio, she mentioned that she wanted to make a movie that would have a great love story, humor and a grand piece of cinema for the character.

She also wanted to introduce a great villain in it and take the story to different time periods. The claim that she made this movie after DCEU’s criticism is simply untrue.

According to the director, her vision for the Wonder Woman movie came at the right time. She also added that from here on DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns would deliver heart, humor, and heroics.

Geoff Johns’ statement

Following the harsh criticism Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad faced, Johns and Jon Berg were given the responsibility to handle future DCEU movies.

Johns had even given a statement about how he and Berg would now work together in coordination to make sure DC movies stand up to the expectations.

IGN reported that Johns addressed the issue of DC movies being dark and gritty. According to him, the misconception that being dark and gritty is what makes DC movies different is not true.

DC movies are hopeful and have an optimistic viewpoint. He even added that a character like Batman as well has a glimmer of hope in him. He sought to steer the cinematic universe in a more optimistic and fun route, which has indeed brought results.

Following the success of Wonder Woman, it clearly shows that Johns and Berg’s efforts of co-running and seeing the operations at DCEU is working. Recently Johns gave a statement about what principle will DCEU follow from here on.

ComicBookMovie.com reported that in order to make other DC movies as successful as Wonder Woman, Johns will get to the essence of the character and make the movies fun.

He commented that the makers would now make sure that the characters have heart, humor, hope, heroics and optimism at the base.


Wonder Woman 2 has been announced though no further details about it have been released. Jenkins stated that she wants to take the story to the US for the sequel but she is yet to officially come aboard.

Going by the success the first movie had, the studio will perhaps look into getting Jenkins aboard as fast as possible.


Wonder Woman tells the origin story of Diana, a 5000-year-old immortal warrior princess. When Steve Trevor’s plane crashes near Themyscira, she nurses him back to health.

From him, she gets to know of the Great War that is threatening to destroy the world. She sets out on a journey with Trevor to stop the war and defeat the main villain of the movie.

Release date

Wonder Woman is already running successfully in cinemas.


Photo source: Facebook/Wonder Woman

Facebook/Wonder Woman

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