Woody Harrelson: When the talent is nothing without a well-targeted smile

By admin | 7 years ago

Woody Harrelson

His latest role in Oren Moverman’s movie The Rampart may even be worth an Oscar and the critics are expecting some appreciation for his performance. The subject of the movie is a corruption case at the end of the 1990s, in America, that involved a significant number of policemen. Moverman assigned to Harrelson the role of the bad guy and succeeded in gathering an impressive distribution, among which Sigourney Weaver, Ben Foster and Ice Cube. Previously, Moverman cooperated with Harrelson in the movie The Messenger.

The Rampart had a pretty bad coverage on social media, after the PR team of the movie failed to answer important questions regarding the launch of the film. They failed to answer some questions posted on the social networking site reddit. This may be problematic for the future promotion of the movie, are appreciating the experts. For Harrelson, the absence from the social media may represent a bad sign for his popularity quotations that are already very low. In the age of the Internet, it matters a lot to be nice and present when the audience is requesting you.

Harrelson profiled a clumsy presence within the public opinion. Even though he is not a good soccer player, Harrelson still hopes that he can improve his skills. In 2010, he joined world stars as Robbie Williams, Bradley Walsh or Gordon Ramsey in a UNICEF charity match, but his performances were the worst of his team. Due to the noble cause he was targeting, his painful play was probably worth the effort and he promises more games in the near future.

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