The World Hates Women [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
The World Hates Women [WATCH VIDEO]
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Watch the video below and get to know all the sheer barbarousness meted out to women. They might be women from any part of the world, be it India, Spain, Australia, Italy, etc.

They, at times, use acid “because it takes just a tiny dose to corrode and ruin someone’s life. Acid removes the shape of her face. It is a way to cancel her.”

In Bilabao, Spain, a man raped and cut away the toes of a woman after he was told to vacate the house he was renting.

In Brisbane, Australia, some women were butchered after being gang raped and tortured mercilessly with sharp objects in their privates till they breathe their last.

In Africa, after gang raping a woman, the men inserted a pointed shaft inside her private and left her to bleed to death. In Newark, USA, a man was arrested for raping and killing a seven-month-old baby girl of a woman he once had an affair with.

Moreover, over 160 million females are missing because of ultrasound screening and sexdetermination. But the question is: Are they missing or dead?

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