Worst Celebrity Neighbors

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Worst Celebrity Neighbors
Justin Bieber’s January 2014 mugshot, after being detained by police in Miami Beach, Florida./ Miami Beach Police Department

You wouldn’t want to be sharing a cup of sugar with these people.

Having neighbors is part of someone’s existence, most especially if you are living in the suburbs or in gated communities like in LA. It’s not uncommon to have a difficult neighbor or someone that the entire neighborhood dislikes. What’s uncommon is for a celebrity to be loathed by everyone in their community. Here are some of them.

Mario Batali

Celebrity chef Mario Batali is well-loved in the entertainment industry. He even has a couple of celebrity friends that comes over his show to cook. Unfortunately, his neighbor does not share the same feeling. The neighbor who lives next to the chef’s restaurant filed a complaint last year because Batali failed to make good to his promise of soundproofing the restaurant. As if it wasn’t bad enough, the neighbor also complained about garlic stench and said that it was intolerable.

Chris Brown

It’s not really surprising that Brown is in this list, given his past run-ins with the law. But to add to list of bad behavior, neighbors have reported that he normally holds dog races in the hallways of his building apartments and took over parking spaces reserved for the handicapped.

Jerry Bruckheimer

The movie producer has lot of blockbuster films, but his relationship with his neighbors is a flop. A married couple sued him for planting several trees in his house in Ojai, California. The trees not only blocked the couple’s view of the Topatopa Mountains but also prevented the sunlight from coming in to their produce, giving them a lower income.

Alan Ball

The creator of the shows “True Blood” and “Six Feet Under” is also the jumpstarter of director Quentin Tarantino’s stress. Taratino went to court and sued Ball because of his “obnoxious pterodactyl-like screams” and “robbing him the ability to find peace in his home.” They eventually settled their differences in an out of court settlement.

Justin Bieber

Girls around the world scream for Justin Bieber, except for his neighbors. The Canadian pop star has been voted as the worst neighbor in a yearly Celebrity Neighbor Survey in America.

Bieber was allegedly accused of egging his neighbor’s home when he was still residing in Calabasas. There were also a lot of law enforcement calls and complaints during his short stay in a condo in Beverly Hills.

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There you have it for the worst celebrity neighbors. For more entertainment features, keep tabs on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Miami Beach Police Department

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