Wrong is a Surreal Comedy

By admin | 6 years ago

Wrong Surreal ComedyQuentin Dupieux has some exciting ideas and he proved this with his 2010 movie Rubber, which was about a sociopathic car tire. He is back with the weird comedy Wrong, which features surreal humor that will not be appreciated by everyone. People looking for something original must watch this indie flick.

Jack Plotnick of Reno 911 plays an average suburban man whose life is falling apart. He has problems at work. His only friend has disappeared due to some existential issues. His dog is abducted by an animal guru, who is palyed by William Fichtner. He goes on a journey in an effort to find his missing dog. Along the way he meets several surprises. The movie also features his unlucky gardener (Eric Judor) and his romance that so weird by itself.

Wrong has a complex and original story. You must not judge the movie by the title because you might get the wrong idea. It is evident that Dupieux is influenced by the works of David Lynch and Richard Kelly.

William Fichtner performance is restrained but with enough outrageousness as a Zen master. Wrong has lots of surreal elements but it still feels like there’s a message the movie wants to convey. There’s a feeling that the movie has a deeper meaning beneath its weird surface.

Wrong is a bizarre movie that makes sense. All the strange events in it have their purpose. The last part of the movie is its strongest point when viewers can step back and enjoy Wrong as a whole. This makes up for the most part of the movie that feels like the director is just treading water. Despite the scenes that drag the movie down, it is an enjoyable one. Be sure to watch the movie with your friends or strangers who can embrace the insanity the film brings along.

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