WWE 2015 Rumors: Is John Cena Backing Nikki Bella’s Title Wins?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
WWE 2015 Rumors: Is John Cena Backing Nikki Bella’s Title Wins?
John Cena

Nikki Bella is looking to set a new record in the WWE Divas Championship. She has so far won the most number of matches after AJ Lee. It looks like WWE is looking to side line AJ Lee’s achievements by helping Bella climb to the top. It has also been said that John Cena, who just happens to be Nikki Bella’s boyfriend, may have something to do with it. Read on to know more.

AJ Lee is long gone and WWE is doing its best to erase her memory from the minds of WWE fans. Most of Nikki Bella’s matches have started looking a little too predictable. It seems that until Bella reaches the magic winning score of being the undisputed champion for 295 days, the network will keep pushing her to win every match she is in. But Christian today reports that she might have more than luck on her side. It looks like her boyfriend, John Cena, is pushing the WWE to make a winner out of her.

It was previously claimed that Charlotte would be made the next champion. But WWE changed its plans and decided to back Nikki Bella the next champion. Charlotte’s act fell by the wayside, even though she was elevated in status to enter the list on the main roster. Her fans are quick to point out that John Cena might have something to do with that too.

Cagesideseats.com is quick to point out the flaws in Bella’s act. It is said that Nikki Bella may not be so hot on the skills department, but what she lacks on that front, she makes up in PR. Her legion of fans has grown exponentially and the public loves her act. So she might just pull in the title with or without Cena’s help.

Do you think WWE has gone too far with the fake fights this time? Sound off in the comments section below.

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