‘WWE 2K16’ To Release Next Month For PlayStation And Xbox, Roster Reveal Includes The Undertaker And The Vaudevillains

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘WWE 2K16’ To Release Next Month For PlayStation And Xbox, Roster Reveal Includes The Undertaker And The Vaudevillains
WWE 2K16

Here is another celebrating occasion for the wrestling aficionados who are eagerly waiting for October 27, the very common date. The Roster Reveal for “WWE 2K16” accomplished by 2K Sports in this week has declared the names of 22 superstars from the game, and we hope some wrestlers from the previous year’s game will be returning. International Business Times reported that this week’s Roster Reveal contains the names of some legends who have been already respected into the Hall of Fame. Read below to know the names of the wrestlers.

We will mention here the most obvious additions to the roster in this week. As all expected earlier, The Undertaker, The Vaudevillains, The Rock, Stephanie McMahon, Randy Savage, Erick Rowan, Chris Jericho, Santino Marella, Fandango, Curtis Axel, Ryback, R-Truth, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Rick Rude, Andre the Giant, Edge, JBL, Natalya and Sgt. Slaughter have been added in the roster. The names of Aiden English, The Vaudevillains and Simon Gotch were reportedly disclosed during the entrance of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro in the last week.

This week’s Roster Reveal is definitely surprising and the list contains an union of legends and current stars. As over a month is left for the launch of professional wrestling video game named “WWE 2K16,” which is set for October 27 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, we are still looking forward for some more NXT Superstars to be added. The game is said to have 120 playable characters.

According to Gamespot, those who will place the pre-order request for the game, they will be given an additional benefit of two playable versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator (from the action movie). The report revealed that the first and second versions would be based on the Terminator model from the 1984 movie and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” released in 1991.

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