WWE Fans Backlashed Online; Retorted With #CancelWWENetwork

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
WWE Fans Backlashed Online; Retorted With #CancelWWENetwork
Jeff Hardy performing a low dropkick on Umaga. Taken during the WWE Raw – Survivor Series Tour, at Rod La & Triple H; the match was won by Triple H pinning Orton following a pedigree.

The annual WWE Royal Rumble is out and out gimmicky. Beginning with two wrestlers in the ring, at an intermission of every 90 seconds, a buzzer goes off and a new wrestler joins in. Everyone has to literally force the rival over the top rope, out of the ring. But if the foot touches the ground, they are evicted.

The first part of the match was good, with Bray Wyatt taking control in eliminating one rival after the other. There were surprises as some old wrestlers took center stage, as if they had come back from their retirement to fight anew. However, as things progressed, it got worse; the storyline collapsed.

Everybody knows that WWE is scripted. Yet people come to watch it because of the sheer adrenaline rush that it brings to see all the heavyweight champions  fighting it out in the ring to get that one big title. But what happened in Philadelphia on Sunday night was outrageously crazy to watch. No one would expect mediocre talents like Tyson Kidd to actually confront Brock Lesnar for the championship belt at WrestleMania 31. Things went worse with the customary entry of Roman Reigns in the ring. As the Royal Rumble wore on, things were becoming obvious. Eventually, Reigns came out triumphant in the three-way battle for total domination between him, Big Show and Corporate Kane. There was a slight respite when Russian beast Rusev spurted in horror style and assaulted Reigns. However, he too was made to taste the dust, and Reigns was hailed supreme.

The already annoyed audience booed louder than ever, and their shouts did not mellow with the appearance of The Rock, whose presence could not bestow any plausibility to the scenario. That’s when WWE fans took to the social media vent out their disgust with the hashtag #cancelWWENetwork, which was trending worldwide by the end of the night. An en masse cancellation of WWE Network subscriptions followed, leading to the crash of the webpage. On WWE’s Facebook page, over 23,000 voters had 75 percent fans giving a thumbs down to the show.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Jjron


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