WWE Rumors 2015: Who Will Be John Cena’s Next Rival To Compete For The U.S. Title?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
WWE Rumors 2015: Who Will Be John Cena’s Next Rival To Compete For The U.S. Title?
John Cena

John Cena retrieved his U.S. title from Seth Rollins, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) heavyweight champion, at the WWE Night of Champions. Now that Rollins is busy with Kane on a different storyline, it is wondered who could possibly challenge John Cena for the U.S. title?

Entertainment reported that the open challenge for the title could possibly take place on “WWE Raw” to feud with the 15 times WWE heavyweight champion Cena. As of now, no wrestlers have come forward for the challenge. Chances are that it could be someone not being associated with any storyline, or someone who is a heel or someone who would make a turn.

So, who would be the next opponent of John Cena? Well, we have a long list of WWE superstars who could take the challenge with Cena. A few WWE stars who could feud with Cena include Big Show, Cesaro, Miz, Ryback, and Rusev.

Right now, Big Show and Miz does not have anyone to dispute with. They could play the heal role to Cena well. Indeed, Cesaro can also be a commendable challenger for Cena. However, it is possible that he might be involved with Kevin Owen for the Intercontinental Championship title. Ryback would also be interested in challenging Cena. Rusev might be competing with Dolph Ziggler until the Lana issue calms down.

CSS reported that Heath Slater wished to accept John Cena’s US title open challenge on “WWE Raw.” He also said that he is going to be the new United States champion. Definitely, he would not be the only WWE star challenging for the title. Slater also made this clear.

With the possibility of so many WWE superstars available to challenge against John Cena, let us wait and watch who Cena’s next opponent could be?

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