The X Factor Australia: Guy Sebastian Slams Evicted Contestant Jimmy Davis

By Rey Martin | 2 years ago
The X Factor Australia: Guy Sebastian Slams Evicted Contestant Jimmy Davis
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It was reported that Guy Sebastian slammed evicted “The X Factor Australia” contestant Jimmy Davis. Read on for more details.

The 21-year-old ginger-haired Jimmy Davis got eliminated from “The X Factor Australia” on Tuesday night’s episode, together with 15-year-old Georgia Denton. In his recent interview on October 14, the evicted singer said that it was an incredible experience but someone got to be the right kind of person for the show. In the said interview, he also labeled “The X Factor” as a “game show.” Because of that, Guy Sebastian, one of the celebrity judges in the show, slammed him on Twitter.

According to The Daily Graph, Davis’ exit speech on the elimination night had hinted at a similar issue when he advised the show’s future contestants to be true to themselves.

“I sing my own songs. Having a show based off covers, they kept saying they need to see it through my eyes and if I was singing my own songs, you’d really see me connecting, that’s when you’d see my true artistry,” he said.

On October 14, Guy Sebastian responded to Davis’ comments on Twitter. Check out the singer’s series of tweets below.

On October 16, Davis responded to Sebastian’s criticism through a local radio on Sunshine Coast. In his interview with Mix FM’s Mark and Caroline, he said that he has a lot of respect for Sebastian. He also thinks that Sebastian is a talented musician and one of the nicest guys he has ever met.

“Obviously when I read those tweets I went ‘Oh my God. I’ve really done a number on him.’,” he added.

Davis said that he does not think that what he said deserved as much anger from Sebastian.

“He’s been in the business longer than any of us have. He should know certain words can be put in a bad light that makes it look a lot worse that it really was,” he explained.

Photo source: Instagram/Guy Sebastian

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