The X Factor Millionaire List: From Simon Cowel to One Direction

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago

It is really amazing how “The X Factor” has been instrumental in making performers such as One Direction and Leona Lewis earned in millions. As the X Factor in 2015 comes to a close here is a sneak peek at how it helped so many stars to cash in.

The X Factor is undoubtedly the biggest talent show on television and has succeeded in producing some of the most respected performers of the globe.

Check out some of these stars who earned millions, thanks to this TV show.

  1. Simon Cowell

His estimated worth is 450.7 million USD. Cowel is the mastermind behind the concept of X Factor. So, we are hardly surprised that Cowel, 56 tops the rich list of the show. Cowel is also the brain behind other hit reality TV shows such as “American Idol”, “Pop Idol” and “Britain’s Got Talent”. He is also the owner of Syco that is a music and TV company. Renowned artists such as Little Mix, One Direction, as well as, Olly Murs are on the music baron’s books. He is the proud owner of a villa at Barbados worth £10m, a home that is located in Beverly Hills worth £13m , a posh house in London worth £7.5m, and other properties in Dubai and Malaga. He appeared in Forbe’s list as the forty second richest celebrity in 2014 and had earned about £59m within a single year.


  1. Sharon Osbourne

Sharon is now 60-year-old. She became famous through “The Osbourne” that was a self-styled hit reality show. She was recruited by Cowel’s brainchild X Factor where she was associated from 2004 to 2007. Sharon also starred simultaneously in Cowel’s show “America’s Got Talent”. This was not the end. She was instrumental for reviving her hubby’s music career, working on “The Sharon Osbourne Show” and was also associated with other the summer Ozzfest tour. According to a report by The Richest, the star is worth 220 million USD.

  1. One Direction

They are not only the biggest boy band in the world right now, but also the richest, courtesy their association with X Factor. They did not win the show in 2010 and were in the 3rd place. But these super-talented boys have released 5 albums and all of them had been smash-hits. Each of the band boys are worth at an estimated value of £25million. That makes a combined worth of £125million (Including Zayn Malik who quit the band)

The X Factor has indeed changed lives of many.

Picture Source: Facebook/The X Factor

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