‘The X Factor’ Recap: Top 10 Perform British Hits

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It was British Invasion Week on The X Factor, which means that the final 10 contestants had the challenge of singing songs by British artists. So, one thing was for sure – plenty of plugs for One Direction.

Tonight’s show started with a grand entrance of all four judges on the set. And then, it instantly became excited when the Destiny’s Child star assigned the ultra-hard “Bohemian Rhapsody” to Jeff Gutt. The show’s only resident rocker, Jeff Gutt, hasn’t been much convincing so far as a performer to me, but I must say he did well tonight. Though he struggled a bit with the high notes, but it was a marked improvement over last week. Demi Lovato called it his best performance ever!

Tim Olstad sang “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” by Elton John, which was better than usual, but not of a level to liven up the party. He’s been an average guy on the show and still struggling to reach his fullest potential yet. I doubt if he could make his way to the finals.

Khaya Cohen came up with a powerful, gospel-like version of “Let It Be.” She was really exceptional with her performance, and it was difficult to believe that singer like her could be in the bottom two last week. Rowland, however, advised her to round out her vowels as the beginning was “a little low”.

Josh Levi sang an amazing dubstep version of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” by The Eurythmics. The way he re-arranged the song, it was just Mind-Blowing! He has proven himself to be a versatile singer, and definitely, a finals material. Levi is Rubio’s best chance to win, and Rowland and Lovato are jeolous of her being Levi’s mentor.

The cute Alex & Sierra entertained with their folky version of One Direction’s “Best Song Ever.” Though Rubio felt it to be a little pitchy and wanted more rock, but it still was one of the most original moments of the night.

Rion Paige made all the judges emotional with her sweet version of “Your Song.” She sang it flawlessly, and Lovato rightly praised her control of the stage and the crowd. She’s also the one whom I think will make it to the finals.

Carlito Olivero tried to add some spice to a decent version of “Satisfaction,” with his dancing, but things didn’t work for him. I think he needs to improve a bit more to stand among the top contestants.

With her another stylistic change this week, Lillie McCloud took on the amazing Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work,” and earned praise from all four judges. But Lovato wanted her range to be a bit higher towards the end. Neverthless, it was her most unique performance to date.

Restless Road’s countrified performed Coldplay’s “Fix You,” and they did it well as a whole. However, Lovato rightly pointed out that the harmonies were off as the background track was way louder than the boys.

Ellona Santiago sings “Burn,” but she went a bit flat in her performance, and couldn’t make it her best! I think the song wasn’t made for the wide range of notes she usually delivers. Rubo still praised Santiago for the “light” she brings to the stage.

What was your favorite act tonight? What do you think which two finalists will be eliminated from the competition? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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