‘X Factor UK’ 2015: 4th Impact (4th Power) To Repeat Little Mix’s Success: ‘If We Do Well’

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

“The X Factor UK” 2015 contender, 4th Impact (formerly known as 4th Power), was expected to repeat Little Mix’s success in the show. But could they maintain or exceed their performance in the series’ future episodes? Read on to find out more.

Filling the shoes of Little Mix, who broke the record by winning in the show last 2011, is not easy and it seemed 4th Impact (4th Power) is up for a challenge to prove once again that girl groups can win.

But can they make it, at least, in the final episode? According to Digital Spy UK, 4th Impact (4th Power) looked like they might repeat Little Mix’s success.

It was also said the Philippine group drew inspiration from Little Mix for their styles, reportedly requesting it for the first Live Shows of “The X Factor UK” 2015.

“Our hairdresser at the moment is working on X Factor and he said that when he was doing 4th Impact they just kept requesting our album to be played and they wanted to look like us in their makeover,” Jesy Nelson of Little Mix reportedly told Digital Spy UK.

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And it seemed they picked the right inspiration to make it through the first Live Shows. On Saturday’s episode, 4th Impact (4th Power) secured a spot for the second Live Shows after their take on Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea’s “Problem.”

However, the four siblings were aware of the possibility of not winning in “The X Factor UK” 2015 competition. In a report by Hellow magazine, via Unreality TV, the girls said winning the show and having a successful career after the series would definitely change things so much in their lives “if we do well.”

Revealing about the poverty the girls’ family have in the Philippines, they said they would like to help, especially their cousins through sending them to school.

“We want to help them and be an example that dreams do happen,” the members of 4th Impact (4th Power) said.

Well, they have been an inspiration already in the Philippines. But here’s to hoping they would win in “The X Factor UK” 2015 and have a successful career after the competition.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

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