‘X Factor’ UK 2015: History Repeats Itself! 4th Impact, One Direction Performed At Same Place

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘X Factor’ UK 2015: History Repeats Itself! 4th Impact, One Direction Performed At Same Place
4th Impact Almira reportedly said she and her sisters have started brainstorming for their original songs after their stint in “The X Factor” UK 2015.

Former “The X Factor” UK 2015 contestant 4th Impact just had their concert at the same place where One Direction performed.

While to some it may only look like one of the girls’ usual gigs in the UK, performing at this club might have some significance.

A Twitter post by Coconut Club revealed One Direction have also held their concert a couple of years ago and it seemed no “X Factor” group as big as 1D has performed in the same place except 4th Impact.

When Movie News Guide checked the post, the club unfortunately removed it. Good thing, eagle eyed Dreamers at 4th Impact MEAST were able to take a snapshot of the Twitter status quickly and posted it to their fan page.

“Last time we had an X-Factor group here was OneDirection…. that was so long ago!! Are you all ready for 4th Impact!?!?” the Coconut Club’s official Twitter account stated.

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But what’s quite intriguing about the post is that why would the organizers of the club remove it? Well, no one knows the reason, but it sure made some of the fans excited.

“@4thImpactMEAST @theforumhearts @4thImpacMusic They are the female version of One D #4thImpactSpreadTheLove,” a fan said.

“@4thImpactMEAST @theforumhearts @4thImpactMusic OMG after ONE DIRECTION they followed to be invited…JUST WOW!!!” another said.

“@4thImpactMEAST @theforumhearts @4thImpactMusic @onedirection yah ID version 2.0,” a supporter said.

It could not be denied the girls are talented just like One Direction and these four little pocket rockets do deserve to be given a shot of a record deal.

However, nothing about it has been revealed. Until now, 4th Impact fans have been waiting for an official announcement about recording contracts.

Some of them have made a petition that called on Simon Cowell and Sony Music to sign them, Telly Mix reported.

It was also said Louis Tomlinson and Simon Cowell were “trying to put a girl brand together,” Daily Mail reported.

But it was not specified if it was 4th Impact. However, if it turned out to be them, Tomlinson and Cowell are assured of a global profit.

Here’s hoping the sisters land a record deal.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

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