‘X Factor’ UK 2015: 4th Impact Robbed? Seems Not As Group Shines At Clothes Show

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘X Factor’ UK 2015: 4th Impact Robbed? Seems Not As Group Shines At Clothes Show
Radio presenter Dan has suggested to former “The X Factor” UK 2015 contestant 4th Impact that they should come and have a concert at Fun Kids HQ.

Fans of 4th Impact have said “The X Factor” UK 2015 robbed the girls of their place in the grand finale.

On November 29, the group was booted off from the singing competition after a sing-off with Lauren Murray.

Fans were not at all happy on the results and have slammed the show as well as Reggie ‘n Bollie. Morning Ledger cited some comments and tweets from supporters who believed the girls were better than the duo.

“Feel very sorry for #fourthimpact they got robbed #reggieandbillie should been in bottom 2 lovely guys but voices,” a user reportedly said.

“Can’t believe #4thimpact have gone! What an absolute fix! No way are #reggieandbollie better than them!!” another commented.

“How can @4thImpactMusic get less votes then #reggieandbollie #xfactor has become a joke! Don’t care for it anymore! All good people going!!” a frustrated fan said.

During the elimination, the judges reached a deadlock as to who should be sent home between Murray and 4th Impact.  The show then decided to use the votes as the basis for the decision.

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It was later revealed that the all Filipino group got the fewest votes from the British public.

Although 4th Impact only managed to reach the top five in “The X Factor” UK 2015, but their singing career seemed to be faring well after the elimination.

They have been recently performing in party venues and fashion shows for their fans to witness firsthand their vocal talents and performing skills.

G-A-Y was the first to book the girls for their place and tickets were sold out in just a short time. It followed a gig at the Clothes Show on December 7 where they gave fans their take on Jessie J’s “Bang Bang,” which now has YouTube views of more than 30 million.

According to Hello! Magazine, the current plan is for the group to stay in London for the foreseeable future to “make a name for themselves in the UK.” This sparked some speculations about record deals.

On December 20, they are set to perform at Forum Hertfordshire.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

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