‘X Factor’ UK 2015 4th Impact Versus ‘Superstar K’ 2014 MICA: Filipino Sisters’ Uncompromising Musicality

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

During their stint at “The X Factor” UK 2015, it could not be denied 4th Impact were one of those contestants who made sure they give their best performances week after week.

Starting from their audition until their shocking elimination from the show, they have never failed to impress the judges with their vocal talents and performing skills.

Truth be told, since their elimination, most of the people in the show missed the girls’ insane performances, be it taking on songs by Jessie J, Beyonce, or Jackson 5.

For their supporters, the show was never the same without them.

It might also be safe to say that among the groups category in this season, 4th Impact had the biggest “impact” to the British public and to the whole world. And this is not only due to the talent they have but also to their humility and kindness.

However, United Kingdom was not the first country they travelled in order to try a singing career. Taking their first names as an acronym (Mylene, Irene, Celina, and Almira), M.I.C.A. went to South Korea last year and auditioned for X Factor’s equivalent, “Superstar K” 2014

But just like in “The X Factor” UK 2015, the girls did not make it through the grand finale and reached only the Top 8.

Nevertheless, as foreigners, it’s not an easy feat to accomplish.

Looking at the sisters’ performances, these awesome singers never compromise their musicality. Viewers could see them practicing anywhere, either from latrines, backstage, music studios, or in front of a computer.

Not convinced about their musicality? Well, watch and compare some of their performances both in the British and the South Korean TV show and see how consistent these four little pocket rockets have been.



SuperWeek/Bootcamp/Six-chair Challenge/Judges’ Houses

“Superstar K” 2014 song choices: “Let It Go” from “Frozen” movie, 2NE1’s “Missing You,” and Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There”




“The X Factor” song choices: Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary,” David Guetta/Sia’s “Titanium,” Christina Aguilera’s “Show Me How You Burlesque,” and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie”

Live Show 1


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Live Show 2

Live Show 3

The sisters did not make it through for the fourth Live Show of “Superstar K” 2014. 

Live Show 4/5

In “The X Factor” UK 2015, 4th Impact, however, managed to reach the Top 5.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

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