‘X Factor UK’ 2015 Cancelled? Series Failed To Reach Britain’s Top 40 Most-Watched TV Show

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

ITV’s “The X Factor” UK 2015 has failed to make it in Britain’s Top 40 list of most-watched TV series. Is this the signal of an impending cancellation?

It seemed 2015 is not a good year for the long-time running reality TV singing competition as recent figures revealed not even one of its episode managed to get inside the Top 40 list.

“X Factor” broadcaster ITV had only few shows making in the list while most of BBC1’s programs dominated the TV airwaves.

According to figures shown at Mirror.co.uk, ITV had only 13 TV programs while BBC 1 had 27 shows.

In the list, BBC 1’s “The Great British Bake Off” was at No. 1, having a whopping 15.05 million viewers for its Oct. 7 episode.

On the other hand, ITV’s “Britain’s Got Talent” followed at second place, with 12.75 million viewers for its May 31 episode.

Although “Strictly Come Dancing” 2015 (the rival show of “The X Factor” UK 2015) had its highest spot only at No. 9, it still ate most of the places in the list, appearing 12 times.

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And on Sunday, “Strictly Come Dancing” 2015 had an impressive 11.9 million viewers tuning in to them as it announced its champion JayMcGuinness.

However, the final episode of “The X Factor” UK 2105 had only 9.7 million viewers during the announcement of its youngest champion, 17-year-old Louisa Johnson, Mirror.co.uk reported.

The ratings of “X Factor” have been declining almost week after week and it was said the show might be on the verge of cancellation.

Its executive producer Richard Holloway has reportedly hinted it. According to him, “The X Factor” UK 2015 might be taken off for a couple of years and would return, OK! reported.

“[X Factor] will have a finite life span. But I think you then rest it, then you bring it back,” he said. “Nothing is forever.”

This year’s “X Factor” had the all Filipino group 4th Impact as one of its contestants.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

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